As seen below, The Rock took to Instagram and posted a clip of Roman Reigns accidentally throwing a club at a camera man in the new "Hobbs & Shaw" movie.

Camera operator Lukasz Bielan took a wooden club to the head from Reigns during a fight scene in the new movie, which hits theaters this Friday. Reigns stars as Mateo, a family member of Rock's Hobbs character.

Rock noted that Reigns "wrecks fools and completely dominates" in the movie, which marks his big screen debut.

Rock wrote, "Hey, my cuz @romanreigns has great aim. Our A-camera operator Lukasz Bielan is one of the best in Hollywood - and now we know he can take a wooden club to the skull and keep on rockin! We love ya brother Lukasz - you're our champion and tougher than a $2 dollar steak. This will always be one of the funniest f*cking things I've ever seen. Despite the KO, Roman wrecks fools and completely DOMINATES in our movie. Very proud of him acting in his very first film. HOBBS & SHAW In theaters THIS FRIDAY"

You can see Rock's full IG post below, which includes Reigns in the video: