The Undisputed Era Warns The Club, Shane Thorne On Being Jealous Of Newcomers, WWE - SDCC

- Above is a new WWE Now video with Cathy Kelley checking in from the San Diego Comic Con. She shows the new Slim Jim action figure on WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage, talks with the stars of the WWE Mattel panel – WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch, plus more.


- WWE NXT Superstar Shane Thorne recently spoke with Byron Saxton for a storyline interview on the WWE website. The idea is that Thorne is not happy with the new NXT Breakout Tournament because it's giving TV time to new talents, which Thorne says is taking TV time away from "far more exciting and talented people who have been waiting longer. People such as myself."

Thorne was asked to respond to fans who say he's just jealous of Superstars who are receiving a similar opportunity to what he's previously had. He said, "Yeah, I'm jealous, and anyone who's in a similar position as me would be a dirty liar if they said they weren't too. And let's back up a second. This isn't the same opportunity I had. My first match on NXT TV was against two men who would go on to become champions. It's not like these Breakout guys who are being thrown softballs with flash-in-the-pan opponents who will never go anywhere."


He was also asked how he would treat Shane Thorne if he were NXT management. Thorne responded, "With much more respect! I'm talented, entertaining and damn dangerous. I'm a wanted man who should be the one in the spotlight, who should have the cameras on him and who should be getting the opportunities. If anything, these so-called "Breakout Superstars" should be working their tails off for the opportunity to face me!"

Thorne recently stormed out of commentary during the Jordan Myles (ACH) vs. Angel Garza (Garza Jr.) tournament match. He has an upcoming NXT TV match against another tournament competitor, Joaquin Wilde (DJZ).

- WWE fans on Twitter have been talking about a potential battle between The Club and The Undisputed Era this week, following a Twitter exchange between Karl Anderson, WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, Roderick Strong and NXT Champion Adam Cole. We noted before how Anderson tweeted about The Club being the original and only "club" that matters. A fan responded and mentioned The Undisputed Era.

Styles responded to The Undisputed Era mention and laughed. Cole fired a warning back at Styles. He wrote, "Careful what you wish for AJ..."

Cole tagged Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish in the thread. Strong responded to Cole and wrote, "Oh Adam, They don't want none."


You can see the full exchange below: