At the conclusion of AEW Fyter Fest last month, a hot topic of debate was whether or not the unprotectedchairshot to Cody Rhodes' head and pool of blood that followed was a legitimate injury. The Young Bucks recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about the preparations they made for said chairshot and what apparently went wrong.

"The chair, the middle of it was so thin it should have probably broke over his head if it was right in the middle," Nick explained. "The edge of it happened to nail him right in the back of the head and that's what cut him up... It would have felt like a cooking sheet, as thin as that."

"It hit him at the wrong angle and it busted him open... The lip caught him and it got him good," Matt added.

"Either way, we knew it would carry controversy," Nick said.

The Bucks mentioned having a conversation with Rhodes just before his match and the subsequent chairshot took place, noting how much of a big deal this would likely be.

"We warned him and we were like, 'This is going to be a big thing,' and it was, and it had its effect and it worked, but I'm just glad he's okay," Matt said. "It's scary. Anything messing with your brain, it's freaky. Everyone was freaked out either way. I'm just glad he's okay."

"I don't think Tony will allow that again," Nick stated.

"He was pretty upset about it," continued Matt.

The Bucks now look to the future as AEW Executive Vice Presidents. Regarding their Being The Elite YouTube series, The Bucks aren't certain if the show will continue on in the same pattern once AEW weekly television starts.

"We always say we don't know [if Being The Elite will continue] but how could it not in some way? I don't know if it's going to be the same format," Matt explained. "Who knows? I don't think that we can just get rid of it, because it's so powerful a tool for us. I think it's always going to have to be around in some fashion."

One avenue they have only touched on briefly in interviews is the potential of a future AEW video game. The Bucks made it clear that they want to venture down many business avenues, including gaming.

"Yes, [there will be a video game]," The Bucks said together.

"We're gonna have a little bit of everything," Nick noted.

The Young Bucks will face Cody & Dustin Rhodes tonight at AEW Fight For The Fallen. We will have live coverage of the event shortly.