Triple H Comments On RAW Reunion, Kevin Owens Shares Flying Etiquette, Nikki Bella (Video)

- The above video is about Nikki Bella getting ready for a big dance shoot. In the video, she impresses her dancer boyfriend Artem by learning some last-minute moves.

- Triple H is getting ready for Monday's RAW Reunion by reminiscing on Twitter. He reminisced by sharing a clip of when he beat Mankind for the title and wrote, "The first of 14 WWE Championship reigns and one of the most memorable moments of Monday Night #Raw for my career. Cannot wait for Monday night's #RawReunion and creating the memories then. now. and forever."


Below is Triple H's post:

- Kevin Owens decided to share some flying etiquette and give a dig to Shane McMahon in the process. Owens tweeted, "Listen, if you get on a plane and you have the window seat and you open the window shade and then go to sleep, you're a lunatic and you should be arrested as soon as you get off the plane. Have a good day."

After writing that someone tweeted at Owens saying, "I bet Shane does that." Owens replied that was going to be his next tweet.


Below is the thread: