Triple H Interested In Signing Sareee After Scouting In Tokyo (Photo)

Triple H was scouting Japanese wrestlers while WWE was in Tokyo, Japan last month. Wrestling with Demons reports that one of the talents he met with is current Sendai Girls World Champion and current World Woman Pro Wrestling Champion Sareee. The 23 year old has been wrestling since 2011 and is currently under contract to Diana.


Triple H spoke with media in Japan about WWE's interest in signing some of the Japanese wrestlers, noting that scouts were most interested in signing female talents from the country. Triple H stated in one interview that he heard good things about Sareee, including that she is the future of women's wrestling.

Sareee spent time backstage at the WWE live event, before and after the show, and met backstage with Triple H. Triple H was reportedly impressed with Sareee, and indicated that they are looking into possibly pursuing her for a deal.

Below is a backstage photo of Triple H and Sareee at Sumo Hall: