WWE 205 Live Recap (7/16): Gable Faces Gallagher, Maverick And Kanellis Explode, Akira Tozawa

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Recap of Sunday's Extreme Rules cruiserweight championship matchup between Drew Gulak and the former champion Tony Nese, where Gulak was able to successfully defend the title after connecting with his new torture rack/neckbreaker finisher after a brutal bout. Cut to Gulak. He says for months Nese was looked upon as the top guy of the 205 Live division and it made him sick. He claims that Nese lacked the intensity it took to be the top guy, and that he's erased any doubt that he belongs in that spot. The question of who will challenge him next is asked. "Welcome to my 205 Live," growls Gulak ending the segment.

205 Live intro song.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live, tonight from Worcester Massachusetts. They hype the eveing's main event: a rematch between Chad Gable and Jack Gallagher.


Akira Tozawa, along with Brian Kendrick, is out for our opening contest. He'll be facing...Samir Singh, who is accompanied by his brother Sunil.

Akira Tozawa versus Samir Singh

Samir opens things up by stomping Tozawa to the mat. He taunts him with a dance, but suffers a huge chop for his actions. Strong jab takes Samir off his feet. Stomps from Tozawa. Samir baits him in and whips him into the turnbuckles face first. More dancing. He chokes Tozawa with a boot using the ropes as leverage. Hard Irish-Whip...Tozawa hits the corner hard. Samir off the ropes...Tozawa with a spin-kick to the gut...he picks Samir up...he plants him with a modified Samoan drop sending Samir to the outside. Tozawa to the apron...running cannonball takes Samir out. Back in the ring Tozawa climbs...Sunil distracts him on the outside...Tozawa doesn't lose focus...he rolls Samir up...got em!

Akira Tozawa wins by pinfall

Post-match the Singh brothers beat Tozawa down. They go to hit Tozawa with one of their Oscar statues but Brian Kendrick stops the attack and Kendrick and Tozawa stand tall, with Tozawa holding the Oscar statue high as if he's won it.

Commentary takes us to a video package of Humberto Carrillo. Clips of Carrillo in action are shown, including highlights of his work in NXT and 205 Live. Carrillo narrates, stating that he's been with WWE for over a year, and that the only thing on his mind is the cruiserweight championship.


Commercial for tomorrow's NXT, featuring Adam Cole defending the NXT championship for the first time since he's victory at Takeover XXV.

Mike Kanellis makes his way out for our next bout. His wife Maria is nowhere to be seen. He'll be facing...

Mike Kanellis versus Jackson James

Kanellis with a big boot. He lights up the chest of James. Big spinebuster from Kanellis. Huge running lariat. Another one. He picks James up...rolling cutter. It's over.

Mike Kanellis wins by pinfall

Kanellis continues assaulting James after the bell. He grabs a microphone and begs Drake Maverick to give him another fine. Maverick comes out and the two have a confrontation in the ring. Kanellis tells Maverick that he could have re-signed with any promotion he wanted, but he decided to stay in WWE because he wanted to prove to his wife that he is the best in the world, to become the cruiserweight champion, and to kick Maverick's ass. Maverick responds by naming all the 205 Live wrestlers who came before him, who earned their spot, and didn't force their own agenda. Kanellis pokes fun at Maverick for losing the 24/7 championship, and calls Maverick a joke for embarrassing the brand. Kanellis adds on by calling Maverick short, and states that a real man would accept a real fight. Kanellis goes to call Maverick's wife a name...Maverick with a right hand! Kanellis goes for a lariat...Maverick ducks...dropkick by Maverick sends Kanellis out of the ring! Kanellis slowly walks up the ramp, smiling. Maverick seems disappointed in himself for getting physical.


Preview for Raw reunion.

Flashback to last week's main event, when Oney Lorcan defeated Ariya Daivari in a wild "anything goes" bout.

Main event time. Jack Gallagher is out first, followed by 205 Live's newest acquisition, Chad Gable. Highlights of their first match from last month, which ended in a countout, is played. They shake hands prior to the bell. Here we go.

Chad Gable versus Jack Gallagher

Tie-up. Gable with a takedown and chinlock. Gallagher rolls out and applies a wristlock. Gable with a snapmare in response. Headlock but Gallagher escapes with his typical swagger. They reset. Gable with the wristlock this time. Gallagher with an athletic reversal. Pace picks up...Gable goes for a powerbomb but Gallagher turns it into an arm-drag. Cheers from the audience for the technical displays by both men. Waistlock takedown from Gable...Gallagher bounces off the ropes and takes Gable down with a shoulder bump. He catches Gable in a firemans carry and drops him throat first across the top ring ropes. More grappling. Gable off the ropes...jumping arm-drag. He rolls Gallagher up...two count. Deep arm-drag, followed by an arm submission by Gable. Another escape by Gallagher, who ties up Gable's arm with a modified triangle headscissor. Gable shows off his strength and slams Gallagher to the mat.


Gable turns up the intensity with stiff uppercuts. He cranks at Gallagher's ankle, twisting and contorting it. Gallagher breaks the hold with a boot...Gable makes him pay with a hard whip into the turnbuckles. Gallagher off the ropes again...Gable catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly. He targets Gallagher's leg. Dragon-screw. He tries to turn Gallagher for a single-crab...Gallagher kicks his way out. Gallagher nearly steals a win with a backslide pin. Dropkick from Gallagher, followed by a huge right hand. He picks Gable up...stalling vertical suplex. Gable goes for another belly-to-belly...Gallagher transitions into a kamura lock, but Gable eventually breaks free.

Middle-rope dropkick by Gallagher. He sends Gable to the outside, fakes a suicide dive, and tosses him into the barricade. He goes for a suicide dive this time...Gable catches him and hits a high-angle German suple. Gable throws Gallagher back in the ring, as he does not want to win by countount. Back in the ring Gallagher catches him in an inside cradle! Two count! Gable applies an ankle-lock...Gallagher right in the center...he manages to escape with a hammer fist. Big overhead kick by Gable...Gallagher with a rebound headbutt! Cover...Gable still alive! They slap each other...back and forth striking...Gallagher wins the exchange and unloads a flurry of strikes. He goes for the corner dropkick...Gable has it scouted...dominator/DDT! Gallagher somehow kicks out! Fans are on their feet! Gable can't believe it. He climbs to the top rope...moonsault attempt...Gallagher gets the feet up! Gable falls to the corner...running dropkick connects! Cover...GABLE GOT HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES. He puts Gable up on the top rope for a back superplex...Gable elbows Gallagher off. Gallagher back up...back suplex...Gable falls onto Gallagher! He picks Gallagher up...O'Connor Roll German! It's over. What a match!


Chad Gable wins by pinfall

Commentary gives Gable and Gallagher a standing ovation. Gable and Gallagher shake hands out of respect after.

That's the show friends.