WWE Champion Kofi Kingston Comments On The Appearance Of His Chest

Kofi Kingston took to Twitter this week and responded to a fan that asked, "Why does Kofi's chest look like it's collapsed?"

In his own whimsical reply, Kingston wrote, "The Big Show chopped me in the chest in '09 and it hasn't been the same since..."


Back in spring 2015, Kingston posted another tweet referring to the appearance of his chest. At that particular time, Kofi wrote, "For the record, my chest is the #ChestOfTheFuture. Your great grandkids will have chests like mine. Don't make fun of your great grandkids."

Before his tweets made the rounds, back in 2014, Kingston partook in an interview with his fellow New Day members at the WROV Studio. Kofi took this opportunity to get candid about why his chest may anatomically look different from what's seen in everyday media.

"What people don't realize is that I have the chest of the future! I don't really have much inner-chest, at all. As a matter of fact, it's probably below average when you look at people's chests. My chest is the chest of the future. What I'm trying to tell people is that all your great, great grandkids will have chests like mine; that's called Darwinism... Concave – all sternum! That's all sternum," Kofi says as he taps his fingers atop his chest.


You can watch The New Day's full interview with WROV Studio above. Kofi's full tweets can be seen below: