WWE NXT Results (7/17): KUSHIDA Vs. Apollo Crews, Matt Riddle In Action, Adam Cole

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Tonight features NXT Champion Adam Cole looking to his first title defense, KUSHIDA vs. Apollo Crews, Matt Riddle in action, and Bronson Reed (Jonah Rock) vs. Dexter Lumis (Sam Shaw) in a first round match in the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Matt Riddle vs. Arturo Ruas

Bit of a striking game to get things going, scramble, Ruas ends up initially getting the best of Riddle, but he's able to break free. Riddle lands a few shots and gets into the ropes for a moment, Riddle looks for a standing guillotine, but ends up getting powerslammed. Ruas looks for a cross armbreaker, Riddle rolls out of it and goes for his own attempt. Ruas breaks out and both make it to their feet.

Riddle looks for a takedown, ankle pick by Ruas, Riddle grabs the ropes. Both try out a couple kicks, Riddle lands one to the head, Ruas with a takedown and is now in Riddle's guard, but doesn't stay there long. Back and forth strikes leads to Ruas with a takedown, hammer fists, up kicks from Riddle, big knee strike by Riddle! He starts throwing bombs on a grounded Ruas and the referee stops the match.

Winner: Matt Riddle via Referee Stoppage

- Post-match, a masked man attacks Matt Riddle from behind. It's Killian Dain! He continues to beat up Riddle, running senton, sends Riddle into the ring post, big lariat out on the floor. He throws more punches and kicks, another running senton. He kicks Riddle up towards the stage, hits another running senton and both go crashing down through the stage!

- Backstage, NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits with the latest Street Talk. Ford says the Undisputed Era they think they own the place and that the tag titles are theirs. Dawkins says they are the champs and if Undisputed Era doesn't think they are serious about their titles, how come they didn't win them at TakeOver? He says they can come from the titles, but The Street Profits will still be the champs, and that's undisputed.

- Last Saturday, Mia Yim is seen beating up Marina Shafir in the parking lot as she looks to come after Shayna Baszler's title.

Dexter Lumis vs. Bronson Reed (NXT Breakout Tournament First Round Match)

Reed with a shoulder tackle, Lumis with a kip up. Reed lands another one, but Lumis sends him to the outside, Lumis looks for a front flip to the floor and ends up landing on his feet. Reed with a running crossbody on the floor. Back in the ring, Lumis with a double thrust to the throat and then sends him into the bottom rope. Lumis with ground and pound, kicks to the heads, and wrenches the neck.

Reed finally fights back, spinning powerslam, back body drop, running splash, running senton, cover, two-count. Crowd with a "Dexter" chant. Lumis with a belly-to-back suplex, kip-up, leaping leg drop, cover, two. Lumis heads to the top rope, senton, nobody home. Reed lifts and drops Lumis to the mat. Reed then heads to the top and hits a big splash, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Bronson Reed via Pinfall

- Backstage, Cathy Kelley talks with Tyler Breeze, asking him what his plan is next after losing to Roderick Strong. Breeze says it seems like everyone in NXT has a group, so he needs to find some friends of his own. Suddenly, The Forgotten Sons show up and tell him this is NXT, where men are now. Breeze then asks Cutler if he was Buddy Murphy. Ryker gets up in Breeze's face. The others hype up Ryker and say he's a man that Breeze has never seen before. Breeze responds, "Guess what, boys? I've seen everything."

- Last week, Io Shirai cut her first promo after turning on Candice LeRae. Shirai said she doesn't need any friends or any of the fans and left the ring.

- Next week: Io Shirai vs. Kacy Catanzaro

KUSHIDA vs. Apollo Crews

Nice pop for Crews from the crowd. The two shake hands to get things started. KUSHIDA drops Crews, spins around on him, gator roll, KUSHIDA goes for a big kick, which Crews ducks. Crews uses his agility to avoid KUSHIDA, leaps over him, and lands a nice dropkick. KUSHIDA sent into the corner, clothesline by Crews. He tries again, KUSHIDA slides out to the ring, Crews gives chase, KUSHIDA hits a handspring kick to Crews as he climbs up on the apron.

Pop-up gutbuster on KUSHIDA, follows it up with a delayed vertical suplex into a one-handed suplex, cover, two-count. Crews with a splash in the corner, overhead belly-to-belly suplex, pin, two. Back-and-forth strikes in the ring, KUSHIDA catches Crews in the corner, hits a big kick to Crews' arm. KUSHIDA with a handspring back elbow, hip toss into a cartwheel basement dropkick, enziguri to the back of the head, tornado DDT, cover, two-count. Crews works his way back in, pump kick to the face, pin, two. Deadlift german suplex, hits another, and then an overhead release suplex. Standing shooting star press by Crews, cover, two.

Crews looks for a military press, but his left arm is giving him trouble, KUSHIDA with a reverse STO sending Crews into the corner. KUSHIDA with a springboard hurricanrana, but Crews rolls it into a pin, two. Both land big kicks and both are down. Crews up to the top, KUSHIDA catches him and heads up, but gets knocked off, he charges in for a handspring heel strike. KUSHIDA up to the top rope and flips off with Crews going straight into an armbar and then gets in the sakuraba lock for the tap out.

Winner: KUSHIDA via Submission

– Backstage, Kelley asks Keith Lee how he feels about his tenure so far in NXT. Lee says well, he's had some start and stops, but when he got her all he heard about were opportunities were going to be given to him. Lee says it's felt like more he's been passed over by other new guys, and now we have an 8-man tournament with the winner getting a future title shot, also something he didn't get a chance at. Lee says Damian Priest is now the name everyone is talking about, but maybe he needs to change the narrative so people are talking about him, instead of Priest.

- Next week: Keith Lee vs. Damian Priest.

- NXT Champion Adam Cole heads to the ring. On the mic he says he's been traveling the globe the past few weeks on his championship tour. He's showing the morons of the NXT Universe what a champion looks like and what true power is. While he's been gone his stablemates have been taking care of business. Cole then says he'll put his title on the line tonight against one of the wrestlers (Twan Tucker) who met Johnny Gargano when Gargano came to a gym in his hometown to talk to a bunch of wrestlers. Cole invites him out and Tucker heads out to the ramp. Cole says it's just him out here and maybe Tucker will get a chance to take him out.

Tucker then asks if it's really the two of them, because he didn't come alone. Johnny Gargano heads out and goes after the champion. He beats Cole, who tries to head out through the crowd. Gargano follows and continues to attack. Cole heads up through the crowd, Gargano follows and continues to swing away. Cole keeps trying to get away from Gargano and finally lands a back elbow, but Gargano launches Cole into a barricade and leaps on the champion, throwing more shots down on him. Referees finally show up and move Gargano away. Cole raises up his title and taunts Gargano. Johnny then leaps off the stage and hits a crossbody on Cole. The two make their way back into the ring, Gargano lands a superkick, another kick to the face, and then locks in the gargano escape. Cole taps out as the referees try to yank Gargano off of Cole. Gargano puts up three fingers and wants the rubber match against Cole.