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Tonight features Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong, Tyler Breeze vs. Jaxson Ryker, Bronson Reed vs. Cameron Grimes in a semi-final match in the NXT Breakout Tournament, and NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler responds to Mia Yim’s attacks on Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jaxson Ryker (with Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake)

Ryker showing off his power right off the bat, sends Breeze across the ring. Breeze looks to fight back with punches and kicks, sending Ryker down in the corner. Ryker then catches him and slams him to the mat, hammer blows, and sends him into the corner. Ryker with a running knee in the corner, backbreaker, cover, two. Breeze with a knee to the face, enziguri, victory roll counter as Ryker looks for a chokeslam for the 1-2-3. Ryker just earned his first NXT loss.

Winner: Tyler Breeze via Pinfall

– Post-match, The Forgotten Sons instantly attack Breeze. Ryker looks for a powerbomb, but out comes Fandango, who dumps all three members out to the floor. Cutler tries to get back in at them and gets double superkicked out to the floor. Breeze hugs Fandango as his music hits.

– Last week, we see Candice LeRae attack Io Shirai during her match against Kacy Catanzaro.

– Outside, LeRae is pacing around as she looks for Shirai’s arrival.

Cameron Grimes vs. Bronson Reed (Semi-Final Match in NXT Breakout Tournament)

Malcolm Bivens (fka Stokley Hathaway) sitting in the front row for this match. Reed with a waistlock, lifts, and sends Grimes down to the mat. Grimes up, whipped into the ropes, shoulder tackle sends him down. Grimes able to get in a headlock, shots to the back, but Reed hits him with a back elbow and then a headbutt. Chops in the corner, followed up by clubbing blows.

Grimes tries to shove Reed away, tries to run away, Reed follows, Grimes with a basement dropkick, along with more kicks. Grimes with a massive lariat, pin, two. Reed with a spinning powerslam. Crowd pretty quite for this match thus far. Big splash in the corner, samoan drop, running senton, cover, Grimes gets a foot on the rope. Grimes then snaps the rope into Reed’s face, superman forearm lands, kick to the head, leaping double stomp, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Cameron Grimes wins via pinfall to advance to the finals to face Jordan Myles.

– Next week, TakeOver: Prime Target will take an in-depth look at the rivalry between NXT Champion Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano.

– Earlier today, Matt Riddle is asked about Killian Dain. Riddle says to make an impact why not fight him face-to-face instead of attacking him from behind.

– Next week: Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain

– NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler heads to the ring, and doesn’t look to be in a very good mood. Baszler grabs a mic and tells Mia Yim about being a professional fighter and not attacking people from behind like they’re in the street. She says Yim has already lost the match because this isn’t a back ally or a street, this is the biggest match of her career. Baszler says she’ll be putting Yim to sleep because “street rats don’t survive very long in my world.” Before she can continue, out strolls Yim who asks sarcastically where her friends are. Yim says games recognizes game and says Baszler can’t train for someone like her. Baszler says under the bright lights everybody will see Yim is nothing but street trash. Baszler holds the title up and the two talk some more trash as Baszler heads to the back.

– Outside, NXT General Manager William Regal tells LeRae that he’s already told Shirai she can’t be anywhere near the building at the moment. LeRae says if she can’t have a match here, then how about at TakeOver? Regal agrees to the match.

– Next week: Contract signing for NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits and Kyle O’Reilly / Bobby Fish.

Roderick Strong vs. Pete Dunne

Chain wrestling gets us going, leading to a couple stalemates. Strong with some massive chops, one drops Dunne, and he stomps away on his opponent. Strong runs the ropes until Dunne lands a big lariat, works the fingers, and Dunne stomps on Strong’s arm. Dunne works the hands again, and then hits a penalty kick on Strong’s arm. Dunne thrown into the corner, looks to flip up and out, Strong catches him, torture rack position into a backbreaker, and another one.

Strong getting the better of Dunne, sits him on the top rope, chop, Strong heads up, looks for a superplex, but Dunne twists Strong’s injured fingers and drops him to the mat. Dunne with a rough looking missile dropkick. Dunne on fire now, hits a crazy x-plex, penalty kick, cover, two. Dunne stomps the fingers, kick, Strong tries for a release suplex, Dunne lands on his feet, kick to the head, sitdown powerbomb. Strong ends up on the floor, Dunne looked to fly, but Strong stopped him for a moment and then hits a backbreaker on the apron, cover, two. Strong selling his bad hand/arm now.

Strong with a couple forearm smashes, Dunne with a forearm and an enziguri. Strong with an olympic slam and then gets countered with a DDT, both men down. Dunne stomps away on Strong, heads to the top rope, Strong follows with chops. Dunne with multiple kicks to the face. Strong fights back and heads up to the second rope. Dunne goes for a sunset powerbomb, but ends up dropping Strong on his knees, looked ugly. Strong back up and hits a tiger driver, then goes right into the stronghold submission. Dunne twists Strong’s hand and throws a bunch of upkicks. Dunne locks in a triangle submission, rolls on top, snaps the fingers, then twists Strong’s bad hand. Strong ends up tapping out.

Winner: Pete Dunne via Submission

– Post-match, Velveteen Dream sneaks into the ring and looks to clock Dunne with the title. Dunne turns around and Dream just smiles at him and does nothing. Strong yells at both of them and says the title is his at TakeOver. Dream does his pose, but Dunne snaps his fingers and gives Dream a bitter end.

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