WWE NXT UK Results (7/10): Six-Man Tag Main Event, Trent Seven Addresses Imperium, Toni Storm

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Recap of last week's main event between Moustache Mountain and the Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK tag team championship. The bout would end with a disqualification when Imperium, led by NXT UK champ WALTER, attacked Bate and Seven, brutally beating them down. The footage ends showing Seven carrying Bate out afterwards.

No song intro this week.

Vic Joseph and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT UK live from the Download Festival. They tell us that Trent Seven will speak out regarding Imperium's attack. Loud NXT chants from the crowd.

Ilja Dragunov makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. His opponent...Ashton Smith.

Ilja Dragunov versus Ashton Smith

Tie-up. Smith with a headlock. Dragunov breaks the grip by firing off a few elbows. Smith attempts a shoulder block but it has little effect on Dragunov. Big chop...Smith off the ropes again...shoulder block takes Dragunov down. He pops right up and takes Smith down with a flying crossbody. Another thunderous chop, followed by a standing senton from Dragunov. Smith picks Dragunov's leg and drives an elbow into it for a submission. Smith transitions to the ankle, twisting it back and forth. Dragunov escapes and traps Smith in a Gotch-style clutch...powerbomb! Dragunov with running lariats. He calls his shot...kitchen sink knee. Dragunov hoists Smith on his shoulders...Smith shifts his weight...superkick to the leg. He picks Dragunov up...Fisherman suplex. Dragunov kicks out at one. Rebound discus lariat from Dragunov. He goes to the corner...torpedo headbutt connects. It's over.

Ilja Dragunov wins by pinfall

Commentary hypes today's main evet: Gallus battles The Hunt and Dave Mastiff in a six-man tag.

Recap of Xia Brookside's ongoing feud with Jinny and Jazzy Gabert. Backstage Brookside is interviewed. She says that ever since she arrived in NXT UK she's overcome adversary. However, Jinny and Gabert have done everything in their power to get in her way. She reveals that next week she faces Jinny, and will show the world how much of a coward she actually is without Gabert helping her.

Preview for NXT UK Takeover Cardiff.

Nina Samuels is seen interviewing fans at Download Festival. She complains about having to parade around in the mud, but says it's worth it to meet her adoring fans.

Back to the arena...Candy Floss is out for women's division action. She'll be facing the UK women's champ...Toni Storm...in a non-title bout. They shake hands prior to the match beginning.

Candy Floss versus Toni Storm

Tie-up. Storm with a wristlock. Floss reverses the pressure but Storm transitions into a rear chinlock. Nice sequence of chain wrestling. Storm with a headlock takedown. Floss manages to trap Storm in a headscissor. Another unique escape by Storm. She and Floss shake hands again out of respect. They reset. Tie-up. Floss and Storm play games...Floss with an armbar...Storm turns it into a quick-pin...two count. Another headlock by the champ. Floss goes to bounce her off the ropes but stops midway and executes a school-boy pin...Storm kicks out. She lands the first strike on Floss with a stiff forearm. Floss comes right back with a backslide for two, then delivers a codebreaker to Storm's arm. Floss targets the arm and tears at the hand with joint manipulation. Storm breaks free and hits a standing boot for a nearfall.

Another school-boy pin from Floss. Two count. Cradle by Floss for two. Storm with a stiff lariat. She picks Floss up...Storm Zero. Floss can't kick out.

Toni Storm wins by pinfall

As Storm celebrates, Kay Lee Ray attacks Candy Floss on the entrance path. Storm runs Ray off and checks on Floss ending the segment.

Commercial for Extreme Rules featuring the Becky Lynch/Seth Rollins double-title tag match against Baron Corbin/Lacey Evans.

A video package on Ligero plays. He says that he likes to look at everyday of his life and hope that he can create change for the better. Highlights of his work in NXT UK are spliced throughout.

Trent Seven makes his way to the ring with a microphone. He says he's not used to being in the ring alone. He feels bad calling on Pete Dunne for help because he's busy pursuing his own career, and now Tyler Bate is injured because of Imperium. "But I'm still here." He reminds the NXT universe that the UK brand was built on British Strong-Style. Seven calls out WALTER for claiming that the mat is sacred..."It's our mat." Seven then threatens WALTER, and promises that he's coming for him. "This will be for Pete. This will be for Tyler. This will be for the Trent Seven army. I don't care where...I don't care when. This will be for us." Loud ovation from the crowd. Seven places the microphone in the center of the ring.

Another preview for Extreme rules, this time hyping the tag match between Roman Reigns/Undertaker against Shane McMahon/Drew McIntyre.

Promo from Mark Andrews. He tells Kassius Ohno that he'll prove that he belongs in the NXT UK. Commentary makes the match official for next week's NXT UK.

Main event time. The Hunt (Wild Boar, Primate) are out first, followed by their tag partner Dave Mastiff. Gallus (Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey, Wolfgang) is out second. Here we go.

Gallus versus The Hunt & Dave Mastiff

All six men brawl to start. Mastiff goes after Joe...he takes him out with a standing lariat. Boar and Primate send Wolfgang and Mark to the outside. Babyfaces stand tall. Everyone goes to their corner, and regular tag rules resume. Boar and Mark start. Quick tag to Primate...double-team offense by the Hunt. Mark catches Primate with a double-axe handle. Wolfgang tags in. He stomps Primate down in the corner. Irish whip and Primate hits the turnbuckles hard. Joe comes in and wears Primate down with a submission. He traps Primate in Gallus' corner to keep the advantage. Mark back in...suplex attempt but Primate blocks it. Standing boot and lariat from Primate. He gets to his corner and tags in Boar. Boar comes in hot and unleashes a flurry of strikes onto Mark, but Mark slows down his momentum with a chokeslam. Quick tag to Wolfgang, who connects with an elevated senton.

Joe drives Boar into the turnbuckles, then nails him with a left haymaker. Boar tries to sneak by and make a tag but Joe spinebusters him. Bearhug applied by Joe. Crowd tries to rally Boar to break the hold...he does with a headbutt. He then lands a couple shots on Wolfgang and Mark on the apron but Joe makes him pay with a shoulder block. Gallus utilizes quick tags to wear Boar down. Pop-up powerslam by Joe for a nearfall. He taunts Boar, then reapplies the bearhug targeting the lower-back. Boar claws at Joe's eyes to escape...Joe drops him on his face. Jawbreaker from Boar...Mark tags in for Gallus. Elbow drop to Boar's head stops his attempt at a tag. Mark then taunts Mastiff...Boar takes advantage with a suplex. He tags in Mastiff!

Mastiff drops Mark with a back body drop, followed by a flying crossbody. Wolfgang runs in...he eats an overhead suplex. German suplex to Mark. Mastiff sends Joe to ringside with a right hand. He picks Mark up in a firemans carry...Mark slides off and hits an enziguri. He tags in his brother but Joe runs right into a lariat from Mastiff. He clutches at Joe...pump-handle suplex. All of Gallus in the ring...Mastiff takes out everyone! He picks Mark up...Finlay roll on top of Wolfgang! He goes after Joe again...Joe surprises him with a suplex. The Hunt jumps in to help but Joe takes them both out. Mastiff and Joe are left...Joe misses the discus lariat and Mastiff makes him pay with a stiff headbutt. Cannonball by Mastiff onto Mark. The Hunt nails the Coffey's with tandem suicide dives. After some team miscommunication, Joe nails Boar with a discus lariat picking up the win for Gallus.

Gallus wins by pinfall

Gallus celebrates and stands tall.

That's the show friends.