WWE NXT UK Results (7/17): Ohno Takes On Andrews, Imperium In Action, New Takeover Match Announced

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Sid Scala, assistant to General Manager Johnny Saint, opens the show by running down the evening's card, which includes Kassius Ohno facing off against Mark Andrews in the main event.

NXT UK song intro (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from the Download Festival. They ask if there will be an eventual Trent Seven and WALTER showdown following Seven's epic promo from a week ago.

Imperium's music hits. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel make their way out for our opening contest. WALTER and Alexander Wolfe are nowhere to be seen. They'll be facing...Saxon Huxley and Tyson T-Bone.

Imperium versus Saxon Huxley/Tyson T-Bone

Aichner and T-Bone start. Waistlock slam from Aichner. He slaps T-Bone in the back of the head. They separate and reset. Tie-up. Aichner takes T-Bone down with a shoulder bump. Big right hand by T-Bone rocks Aichner. He follows up with a lariat. T-Bone goes for a crossbody...Aichner catches him with a bodyslam. Huxley tags in. Imperium with a spinebuster/PK combo. Barthel the legal man now. He nails Huxley with a boot in the corner, then decapitates him with a running corner uppercut. Huxon trapped in Imperium's corner. They utilize quick tags to wear Huxley down. Double-dropkick connects. Huxley breaks out of a Barthel headlock. He fires off uppercuts and hits a short-armed lariat to create separation. Huxley goes to make a tag to T-Bone but Aichner pulls T-Bone down and sends him into the steel steps. Huxley fights off Barthel for a moment...Aichner attacks him from behind. Powerbomb/uppercut combo...and it's over.


Imperium wins by pinfall

Backstage Travis Banks is interviewed. He says it was his dream to become the NXT UK champion, and is slightly devastated that he couldn't get the job done a few weeks ago against WALTER. He plans to keep his head up: "This is not the end of the Kiwi Buzzsaw."

Xia Brookside is out next for women's division action. Jinny is out second, accompanied by Jazzy Gabert.

Xia Brookside versus Jinny

Jinny and Brookside argue before tying up. Quick roll-up by Brookside...close two. Dropkick send Jinny to the mat. Headlock. Jinny reverses the pressure...Brookside off the ropes...flying crossbody. Another close two. Jinny slows down the pace by chopping Brookside in the chest. Jinny misses a corner splash...Brookside takes advantage with a running double knees in the corner. Basement dropkick misses by Brookside and she slides to ringside. She and Gabert have an intense staredown. Jinny pulls at Brookside's hair but Brookside breaks the grip with a jawbreaker. While the referee's back is turned, Gabert yanks Brookside's leg out and she hits the apron. She then tosses Brookside back into the ring where Jinny lights her up with stomps. Jinny with an impressive application of a pretzel submission. Jinny in trouble...she gets to the ropes and Jinny releases the submission. Fans try to rally Brookside back. She manages to get a boot up on a charging Jinny, then connects with a headscissor. As she comes off the rope Gabert trips her up, forcing her to turn her back. Jinny with a deep school-boy pin...got her!


Jinny wins by pinfall

Commentary tells us that Tyler Bate has still not been medically cleared to compete. Backstage Imperium is chit-chatting. An interviewer asks them about British Strong Style. Barthel says that they've taken care of Pete Dunne, and disposed of Tyler Bate. "The only one left is Trent Seven," threatens Alexander Wolfe. He also reveals that WALTER accepts his challenge. WALTER promises to break Seven's back before kicking the media team out.

Commercial for Summerslam.

Kenny Williams cuts a promo on Noam Dar. He says they have a matchup for next week, and he better be prepared to receive medical attention.

Flashback to last week's main event, when Gallus defeated The Hunt and Dave Mastiff in a six-man tag match. Footage of Joe Coffey being interviewed afterwards about Dave Mastiff. Coffey screams that they are still standing, and challenges Mastiff to a singles matchup for the future.

NXT UK women's champion Toni Storm makes her way to the ring to address the WWE Universe. Storm says that for the longest time she thought that Kay Lee Ray was one of her best friends. Storm continues, "But with the way things are going...Kay Lee Ray what happened to you? You used to be the first person to help someone...now you're the first person to attack someone to get my attention." Storm concludes by saying she's sick of these mind games. That brings out Ray. Ray reminds the crowd that she has a title opportunity, and walks to the ring as if she's going to cash-in now. Ray then stalls, telling Storm that she's going to make Storm wait, and announces that their match will take place at UK Takeover Cardiff. "I'm going to make your life a living hell until then."


Sid Scala says that just because Ray and Storm won't have their title match until August, that doesn't mean they won't see each other in the ring. He announces the first ever NXT UK six-woman tag match between Kay Lee Ray, Jinny, and Jazzy Gabert against Toni Storm, Xia Brookside, and Piper Niven for next week.

Preview for the WWE Chronicle on Ricochet.

Commentary confirms that Noam Dar and Kenny Williams will be squaring off. Also official for next week...WALTER versus Trent Seven.

Main event time. Kassius Ohno is out first. Mark Andrews is next. Here we go.

Kassius Ohno versus Mark Andrews

Tie-up. Ohno with a full-nelson. He switches to a headlock, then snapmares Andrews to the mat. Knuckle-lock...Ohno shows off his grappling technique. He traps Andrews neck...Andrews reverses and applies a front chinlock. Ohno quickly escapes and grabs the neck again cranking it downward. Ohno goes to ring the arm but Andrews carwheels out. Very athletic arm-drag sends Ohno to ringside. Andrews off the ropes...suicide dive...Ohno catches him! While holding Andrews Ohno removes the turnbuckle pad and smashes Andrews neck first into the exposed steel. Back inside the ring...Ohno connects with a leg drop. He goes back to work on the neck, this time choking Andrews over the top rope. Big chop to Andrews' chest. Andrews responds with a couple of elbows but Ohno powers him down with a cravat. Fans rally Andrews to his feet...Ohno slams Andrews off his knee to thwart the comeback.


Ohno traps Andrews in the corner...Andrews fires off a boot and climbs to the top...Ohno shoves him off and Andrews falls hard to the outside. Ohno in quick pursuit...he talks trash and unloads a big chop to the chest. As Ohno tries to climb back in...Andrews surprises him with an enziguri. Another one. A third. Tope con hilo...Andrews turns it into a frankensteiner mid-move! Ohno back in the ring...Andrews to the top...flying frankensteiner for a nearfall. Standing moonsault from Andrews with pin...two count. Andrews picks Ohno up...Ohno with a palm thrust to the throat. Andrews attempts to slide past Ohno...Ohno with a huge stiff elbow to the back of the head. Cover...Andrews still alive. Ohno with an electric chair facebuster. More chops. Andrews with a flurry of strikes...Ohno slows him down with a huge knee. Poison frankensteiner by Andrews nearly wins the match. Both men are down.

Andrews attempts a twisting DDT...Ohno is too strong...slumdog millionaire stunner. Andrews hits the DDT this time. He goes for the shooting star...Ohno catches him in the cravat! Cravat suplex! Cyclone kick! Andrews is out. Ohno goes for a tombstone...Andrews rolls him up...got em!

Mark Andrews wins by pinfall


Post-match Andrews celebrates. Ohno can't believe it. Commentary reminds us about the WALTER versus Trent Seven showdown for next week.

That's the show friends.