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Footage from earlier day is played, where Trent Seven claims he will knock U.K. champion WALTER silly during their clash in tonight's main event. He reminds everyone that this division was built off British Strong Style, and tonight he's going to show the world why.

NXT U.K. intro song (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT U.K. Today's show takes place at the Download Festival in Derby, England. Kenny Williams makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. The Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar, is out second. These two have been bickering for the last few weeks, with Dar attacking Williams after their unsuccessful attempt at becoming tag team champions.

Kenny Williams versus Noam Dar

Tie-up. Williams forces Dar into the turnbuckles causing the ref to break the hold. Reset. Knuckle-lock...Dar with a wristlock takedown. He transitions into a headlock...Williams bounces Dar down with a shoulder block. Nice sequence of chain wrestling ends with both men staring each other down, as well as a round of applause from the audience. Dar mocks Williams with a pat on the head. Williams gets the better of him and pats him. Dar didn't like that and slaps Williams hard across the face. Back and forth striking exchange...Williams dumps Dar to the outside. He goes for a suicide dive but instead slides to pursue Dar. Rebound palm strike from Dar gives him the advantage. He throws Williams back in and wears him down with a modified cravat hold. Williams escapes with a jawbreaker, then nails Dar with a superkick.

Williams connects with a springbaord back elbow that sends Dar to ringside. Suicide dive. He hits one on the other side as well. Back in the ring Williams climbs to the top...jumping back elbow. Dar nearly steals the match with a roll-up. He catches Williams with a Fisherman buster for a nearfall. Dar calls for his finisher...Williams surprises him with a strike...Dar fires right back and applies and ankle lock. Williams evades...shin kick from Dar. Pump kick in response by Williams, followed by a rebound lariat. Both men are down.

After a leg kick, Dar locks in the kneebar right in the center of the ring. Williams in trouble but somehow crawls to the ropes and the submission is released. Dar tugs at Williams foot...his shoe comes off...Williams with a backslide pin attempt...only two. He goes to hit him with the shoe but the referee takes it away. With his back turned, Dar nails Williams with a low-blow, then the Nova Roller enziguri. That'll do it.

Noam Dar wins by pinfall

Backstage the Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) are interviewed during a workout. Gibson berates the interviewer for bothering them. He says that they've beaten everyone, are the NXT U.K. locker room leaders, and are soon to be recognized as the greatest champions in WWE. Gibson then states that general manager Johnny Saint is having a difficult time providing them with worthy contenders.

Preview for NXT U.K. Takeover Cardiff.

Flashback to last month's women's battle royal, when Kay Lee Ray eliminated Xia Brookside to become the number one contender for Toni Storm's U.K. women's championship. Recap of last week, when Kay Lee Ray announced that she's cashing in on that opportunity at Takeover Cardiff, but plans to make Storm's life a living hell until then.

Next bout is announced as a six-woman tag, which was set up last week by Sid Scala. Jinny and Jazzy Gabert out first, with their partner Kay Lee Ray out second. Xia Brookside is next, followed by Piper Niven, and the champion, Toni Storm.

Jinny/Jazzy Gabert/Kay Lee Ray versus Xia Brookside/Piper Niven/Toni Storm

Ray begins with Brookside. Storm blindly tags in to face Ray but she quickly exits and brings Jinny in. Tie-up. Jinny with a big right that drops the champ. Storm comes back with a big boot and uppercut. Off the ropes...Storm hits a basement dropkick. Jinny rushes over and tags Gabert. Niven comes in and the place erupts for the encounter. Back and forth striking...Gabert sends Niven to the math with a shoulder block. Niven gets trapped in the opposing team's corner, but battles out to powerslam Jinny. Brookside tags in...tandem offense from Niven and Brookside leads to a nearfall. Frankensteiner from Brookside to Jinny. Ray back in...she blocks a Brookside kick, then hits a gordbuster. Gabert is back. Powerslam. Another one. She rag-dolls Brookside into the turnbuckles. Heels in control.

Brookside surprises Ray with a tornado DDT and makes the hot tag to Storm. Ray escapes the ring quickly again. Storm comes in hot with a German suplex. Niven in now...they dump Gabert, with Jinny and Ray righ tnext to them. Storm takes out the lot with a bottom rope suicide dive. Niven with a cannonball from the apron. Brookside completes the high-risk trio set with a flying crossbody. Back in the ring...shining wizard by Storm onto Jinny. Cover...only two. She goes for Storm Zero...Gabert breaks it up...Niven helps with a crossbody, but gets stunned by a superick from Ray. Brookside tags in...Gabert pushes her off the ropes allowing Jinny to hit a spike facebuster...that'll do it.

Jinny/Jazzy Gabert/Kay Lee Ray win by pinfall

Backstage, Trent Seven prepares for his clash with WALTER. That's coming up next.

Preview for WWE Smackville, streaming live on the WWE Network.

Commentary team tells us that next week, Dave Mastiff responds to Joe Coffey's challenge.

Main event time. Trent Seven comes out to a loud ovation. The champion WALTER is out second, with zero members of Imperium accompanying him. Here we go.

Before the bell...Seven nails a suicide dive while Walter walks to the ring! Seven unloads strikes onto the champ, then smashes him into the barricade!

Trent Seven versus WALTER

Match officially begins in the ring. Big chops by Seven. Walter goes for a strike coming off the ropes but Seven pulls the rope down and Walter goes flying. Another suicide dive from Seven. Walter finally slows Seven down by pushing him off the apron...Walter goes for an apron powerbomb but Seven back drops him to the floor. Back in the ring...Walter gains control with clubbing blows, including an uppercut that nearly decapitates Seven. Crowd strongly behind Seven. Walter doesn't let it break his focus though...he hits Seven with a big powerslam. Taunting by Walter...he lets Seven get to his feet. Seven with vicious chops...Walter comes right back with a standing boot that drops Seven. He ties Seven up in the ropes...overhand chops. Seven goes for a leg kick...Walter turns it into a single-leg crab. He switches into a deep chinlock. Seven somehow gets to the ropes and the referee breaks the hold.

Back and forth striking...Walter wins the exchange. Running corner boot. Seven is rocked. He baits Walter in and catches him with a dragon suplex. Another chop. Short-arm lariat but Walter remains on his feet. Another one. A third. Walter answers with an uppercut but Seven takes the champ off his feet with a lariat. Seven with rapid fire chops...Walter responds with one of his own. Cover...Seven kicks out. More taunting by Walter...he smashes his knee into Seven's face. Walter goes for another boot but Seven blocks it this time. He lights up Walter's chest more. Backfist from Seven...Walter falls to the outside. Seven in pain...he climbs to the top...Walter with an axe handle knocking Seven off. He climbs now...Seven cuts him off and goes for a superplex...Walter teases a powerbomb...Seven fights it off...superplex connects! Pin attempt...Walter JUST gets a shoulder up. Both men are down. This is awesome chants!

Fight spills to the outside. Walter nails Seven with another big boot...powerbomb onto the apron. Seven is out. Walter throws him back in. Another powerbomb. He goes for a pin, then decides that he's not finished. Another powerbomb. Imperium makes their way out from the entrance way to watch their leader assault Seven. They stand guard as if to stop anyone from trying to save Seven. Meanwhile Walter with a third and fourth powerbomb. After a fifth powerbomb the ref calls for the bell.

WALTER wins by referee stoppage

WALTER grabs his title and celebrates. Commentary asks, "Is this now the age of Imperium?"

That's the show friends.