AEW All Out Results: Chris Jericho Faces Adam Page, Kenny Omega Vs. PAC, Cody Vs. Shawn Spears

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of AEW All Out from the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois. The Buy In pre-show live coverage will begin at 7 pm ET and the main card starts at 8 pm ET. Wrestling Inc. will also have a WINC Podcast right after the show finishes up!

The event will stream on B/R Live and traditional PPV for $49.99. All Elite Wrestling's YouTube will also be streaming The Buy In.

- Goldenboy and Exalibur calling the action for tonight's The Buy In.


Leva Bates, Faby Apache, Priscilla Kelly, Nyla Rose and Shilandra Royale enter

Four go after Rose right off the bat, she fights them all off. Bates nearly gets sent out, but Peter Avalon puts books down so she can walk her way back into the ring. Kelly with an STO on Apache. Royale, Apache, and Kelly all get eliminated, Kelley getting thrown out over the top and to the floor. Rose then rumps Bates out of the ring. Avalon tries for the sneak attack, totally whiffs and goes out of the ring.

Penelope Ford, Shazza McKenzie, Sadie Gibbs, Big Swole, and Britt Baker enter.

Ford eimmediately takes down Rose, leaping off the top rope, back handspring elbow into Rose. Big Swole clocks her with a discus forearm. Shazza drops her and then gets kicked in the back of the head by Baker. Gibbs and Rose battling in the corner. Baker nearly gets dumped out and is able to reverse McKenzie and sends her out of the ring. Rose with a double chokeslam, but Big Swole is able to drop her. Crowd with a "Big Swole" chant. Rose dumps her on the apron, uranage sends her out of the match. Ford then just gets dumped out of the match

Tenille Dashwood, Ivelisse, Bea Priestley, Brandi Rhodes, and Awesome Kong enter.

Priestley couldn't even make it to the ring as Baker goes right after her. The two met at Fight for the Fallen. Ivelisse with a hurricanrana on Gibbs. Dashwood with a double underhook suplex, sending Ivelisse into Gibbs in the corner, Dashwood with a running crossbody on both of them. Rhodes is direct Awesome Kong who drops Ivelisse with ease. Gibbs with a dropkick to Kong's back and she crashes into Brandi. Everyone teams up on Kong, while Rose focuses on Brandi. Brandi for a punch, no luck, Brandi then avoids Rose and hits a stunner. Kong uses Ivelisse to send Dashwood out of the match (Crowd boos) and she then dumps Ivelisse out of the ring.

Allie, Nicole Savoy, Teal Piper, ODB, and Jazz enter.

Allie goes right for Brandi Rhodes. Savoy hits a big suicide dive on a number of people who were still making their way into the ring. ODB with a flask in the ring, Piper with a poke in the eye and then goes for a sleeper on ODB. Savoy is dumped out of the ring by Rose. Kong eliminated Piper. Still lots of people in this one as Rose and Kong go at each other in the ring. Jazz enters into the brawl, ODB joins the group too. "ODB" chant from the crowd. Awesome Kong and Jazz get eliminated. Brandi is eliminated.

Mercedes Martinez is the final entrant.

Martinez hits a spinebuster on Allie, release overhead suplex, german suplex on Gibbs. Martinez with a curb stomp on Priestley. Hits an saito suplex on Rose! Rose gets rid of Allie. Rose, Priestley, Gibbs, Martinez, and Baker remain in the match. Gibbs nearly gets sent out, skins the cat, and then gets dumped out, down to four. Slingblade by Baker on Priestley. Priestley tries for a hurricanrana on Rose, eats a powerbomb instead. Baker and Martinez attempt to send out Rose. Priestley saves Rose and tried to get rid of the other two. Baker with a superkick to send out Martinez. Down to Rose, Baker, and Priestley.

Superkicks to Rose, knee strike by Priestley. They try to send her out, but hangs on. Rose hits a cartwheel kick on apron to give her a window to get back in the ring. Rose with a splash in the corner on both women. Baker hits a canadian destroyer on Priestley! Baker with a second rope suplex on Rose. Baker with forearms to Priestley, eats a running knee strike. Priestley on the apron, spits at Baker and eats a big forearm, falling to the floor. Priestley grabs Baker's arm while Rose goes to dump her out of the ring. Rose wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose wins the Casino Battle Royale and will earn the first spot in the AEW Women's Championship match on October 2.

Private Party (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy) vs. Jack Evans and Angelico

Kassidy and Angelico get things started in this one, lots of dancing and taunting in the beginning of this one. Quen with a step-up hurricanrana (with his hands behind his head), Evans flips and lands on his feet. Tries for a move of his own, Quen flips and lands on his feet. His sunglasses fall off and Evans kicks them out of the ring! Quen drops Evans and does some more taunting. Kassidy back in the ring, lands a bunch of punches on Evans, dances and drops his opponent. Evans uses his agility to evade both opponents, springboard spinning kick, cover, two.

Evans really working over Quen, who is trying to mount some offensive. Quen is on the apron and springboards all the way across the ring to tag in his partner. Kassidy then springboards in and dropkicks Evans. Kassidy then hits a hurricanrana on Angelico down to the floor, followed up by a moonsault down on Angelico. Kassidy with a twisting second rope moonsault on Evans for a two-count.

Private party going wild on their opponents. Evans and Quen in the ring now, blind tag by Kassidy, assisted slice bread (with a high pitched yell) on Evans. Quen with a crazy high-elevation shooting star press on Evans. He tosses Kassidy (the legal man) back in the ring, cover, Evans kicks out at two. Angelico and Evan double team on Kassidy, assisted standing 450 splash by Evans on Kassidy, cover, two. Angelico heads up top, Quen stops him. Kassidy goes up after Evans. Quen lands a pele kick. Evans eats two poisonranas, Quen then hits a hurricanrana straight into a cutter by Kassidy for the 1-2-3!

Winners: Private Party via Pinfall

- Post-match, Angelico and Evans attacked Private Party and the crowd chants "party pooopers!"

- Video above, Vignette shown for Wardlow, he takes down a bunch of thugs who go after him while he's walking through a parking garage with his lady.

- Backstage, MJF talks with Jen Decker...initially just checking her out. MJF mentions how he doesn't have a match tonight, but he didn't want a match, he wanted to be in Cody's corner for his match against Shawn Spears to make sure Cody wins.

- Jim Ross heads out to the commentary table to hype the PPV.

SCU vs. Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and Jungle Boy

Lots of back and forth actions gets us going. SCU ends up on the floor, Stunt with a suicide dive, Jungle Boy dives over, and then Luchasaurus hits a step-up flip over the top rope and to the floor! Stunt with a diving body press off the top rope on Kazarian. Jungle Boy tagged in with a bunch of chops, pin, one. Daniels gets in there for a moment, but Kazarian then hits a blind tag and takes down Jungle Boy. Sky tags in hits standing double stomp to the back of Jungle Boy. Daniels tagged back in, taunts Stunt about his height. Sit out powerbomb/neckbreaker on Jungle Boy, pin, two.

Luchasaurus is tagged in and beats up all three members with a flurry of kicks. Dodges all three members, kicks tow down, chokeslam on Kazarian, standing moonsault, cover, two! Crowd is loving Luchasaurus and are chanting his name. Stunt gets a double assisted hurricanrana on Kazarian, amazing triple team work. Luchasaurus gets flipped and eats some knees. Kazarian with a leg drop on Jungle Boy. Kazarian with a hurricanrana on Luchasaurus who falls into his teammates. Scorpio Sky with a flip over the top rope on Luchasaurus. Kazarian holds both Stunt and Jungle Boy in the piledriver position. Daniels hits the best moonsault ever as Kazarian drops down, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: SCU via Pinfall

- Post-match, SCU shakes hands with the other team.

PAC vs. Kenny Omega

Omega with some early taunting of PAC who then returns the favor shortly after. Omega shoves PAC, PAC to the eye and kick to the stomach. Crowd with a "205" chant at PAC. Low dropkick by Omega, he looks for a kotaro crusher and PAC ends up flipping right through it. Omega with a monkey flip and PAC is sent to the outside. Omega looks to fly, PAC gets in the ring and hits a hurricanrana. PAC gets sent to the floor, but lands on his feet. Omega looks for crossbody on him and eats a knee to the face in midair. PAC throws Omega into the barricade a few times.

Back in the ring, PAC with a springboard dropkick right to Omega's face. PAC wearing down Omega, goes to hit the ropes, Omega follows, and clotheslines him out to the floor. Omega looks to fly basement dropkick, then hits a flip over the top rope. Back in the ring, missile dropkick to the back of PAC's head, fisherman suplex, cover, two. Omega drives PAC into the mat, looks for a second rope moonsault, nobody home. PAC tries for his own, caught in midair, but turns it into a tornado DDT, pin, two-count. PAC with a crazy moonsault down on Omega to the floor. PAC's feet hit the barricade and had a rough fall overall on that move.

PAC gets up slowly and makes his way to the top turnbuckle, taking a long time. 450 splash hits hard, cover, two. PAC taunts Omega a bit, back-and-forth strikes in the ring. Omega with a massive kick that sends PAC into the turnbuckle, buckle bomb, sitdown powerbomb, cover, two! These two have been so hard hitting in this match. Omega looks for v-trigger, PAC pulls the referee in front of him. PAC tries to surprise Omega with a springboard and eats a dropkick. Omega then hits v-trigger, looks for one winged angel, PAC fights out of it. Omega counters into a german suplex with the bridge, two-count.

PAC with a slingshot cutter on Omega, tries for a german suplex, Omega flips out of it, then gets hit with a snap suplex. Deadlift german suplex with the bridge, two. Omega recovers, hits a v-trigger, cover, two. V-trigger, blocked, spinning heel kick, kick to Omega's face, misses an enziguri though. More kicks by PAC and then eats a big v-trigger, and then another huge knee, tries for poisonrana, no, sort of eats one himself. One winged angel, PAC turns it into the brutalizer submission! Omega goes to sleep and the referee calls the match! Crowd can't believe it. Omega is now 0-2 in AEW.

Winner: PAC via Submission (Referee Stoppage)

Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Havoc

This match is being sponsored by Cracker Barrel and is known as the "Cracker Barrel Clash." Havoc immediately goes under the ring and brings out a bunch of chairs, a table, and a staple gun, apparently this is no DQ.. Havoc staples himself and tells them to come on! All three on the outside, Allin then tapes Havoc to a chair. Havoc spits at Allin and eats a kick by Janela. Allin has a handful of thumbtacks and puts them in Havoc's mouth, then tape his mouth shut. Janela and Allin go after each other. Allin flips into the ring then immediately hits a suicide dive on Janela. Allin with a huge armdrag off the second rope and goes into the flipping stunner. Allin heads up top, Havoc tells him to get him! Allin with a flip down on Havoc and the chair gets crushed, but frees Havoc from it. Janela and Allin go after each other on the apron. Darby up to the top rope, Janela stops him and nails emerald fusion on the apron.

Janela pulls out a tennis racket, then chucks it (a jab at Cornette). Janela pulls out a table and sets it up on the floor. Havoc finally rips the tape off his mouth, spits the tacks out and throws them a Janela. Looks for a chop, nope, chop and a thumb to the eye of Janela. Havoc grabs some chairs and that staple gun. Janela gets planted in the ring, cover, two. Havoc gets some paper and does it between Janela's fingers and does it again. Havoc then staples Janela in the forehead, gets monkey flipped in the chair and lands on his feet still! Havoc then does the paper deal against his lips. Janela then drops Havoc on the chair and hits a flipping powerbomb, sending Allin right down through that table on the floor!

Janela went for a moonsault to the floor on Havoc, but nobody was home and he lands hard on the floor. "Cracker barrel" chant. Havoc then grabs some of the fluffy biscuits and smacks Janela in the face with them. Havoc then goes to the top of the ramp and gets the barrel. Crow with a "We want barrels!" chant. Back in the ring Janela drops Havoc as Allin gets in the ring with a skateboard. Allin blocks Janela's attack and underneath it is covered in tacks! Allin then climbs to the top rope and stomps the skateboard down on Janela's back! Cover, Havoc yanks Allin out out the ring and launches him into the stairs. Havoc gets the table, but gets shoved through it and then sent hard into the stairs.

Havoc shooting staples at Allin and gets thrown into the steps again. Allin sets the steps up in a new position and puts Havoc down on them. Allin grabs a barrel, goes to the top and hits a coffin drop, but nobody home! The barrel made a nasty crunch sound, holy cow! Back in the ring, Janela drops Havoc, hits an elbow drop off the top rope. Another barrel in the ring, Havoc stops Janela on the top rope and hits a superplex, but Janela's leg just hits it. Havoc then hits an acid rainmaker sending Janela fully through the barrel, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc via Pinfall

Best Friends vs. The Dark Order (Winner receives first round bye in AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament.)

Tons of action in the first part of the match. The Best Friends really gain control of the match. Look for strong zero with Uno, but Trent gets launched right into the turnbuckle. Chuck with a missile dropkick on Uno, Grayson comes in and eats awful waffle. Trent is the legal man, but is slow to get the pin. Nearly a three count as Uno yanks Trent out of the ring.

On the other side of the ring all the creepers attack Chuck and send him into the steps. Uno back in the ring against Trent. Grayson heads to the top rope, fatality hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Dark Order via Pinfall and receive a first round bye in the AEW Tag Team Tournament.

- Post-match, Dark Order continue the attack and the lights suddenly go out. Orange Cassidy is standing in the ring when the lights come up. Hands in his pocket, hits a suicide dive on the creepers and rolls back in the ring, kip-up and the crowd is loving it with a "Freshly squeezed" chant. The Best Friends head into the ring and give Cassidy a double hug. He responds with a weak thumbs up.

Riho vs. Hikaru Shida (Winner receives shot at AEW Women's World Championship on October 2 against Nyla Rose.)

Shida gets control early on against Riho. Shida with a backbreaker, cover, two. She then locks in a boston crab and then a single-leg boston crab. Shida continues to work over multiple submissions, but Riho won't give up. Riho with a hurricanrana to finally bring down Shida. Shida charges in, Riho pulls down the rope and Shida goes to the outside. Riho goes to the top rope, but gets stopped. Riho with a diving foot stomp on Shida's midsection.

Shida with a big shot, gets tripped up into the second rope though. Riho with a 619, but it's blocked. Shida looks for the stretch muffler, Riho flips up and over for the pin, two-count. Riho rolls up Shida and double stomp to the midsection. Shida with a rising knee strike to Riho's face. Shida with a deadlift suplex on Riho. Riho will a couple pinning combinations, only gets two. Shida with an enziguri, big suplex, cover, two. Shida looks for a move, but Riho grabs her leg to stop that. Northern lights suplex by Riho. Riho on the top turnbuckle, Shida follows, but slips and ends up eating a double stomp. Riho with double knees to the face, cover, two. Riho heads to the top rope rolls through, double knees to the back of the head. Shida whips Riho down to the mat and into a backbreaker, cover, two-count. Shida lifts Riho, counter into a pin, two. Riho ducks a knee strike, spins around Shida's body and stacks Shida up for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Riho via Pinfall

- Post-match, Nyla Rose heads out to get a look at Riho.

Cody (with MJF) vs. Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard)

Spears is on the stage, sitting on a chair, he gets up and slowly makes his way to the ring and dragging that chair alongside him. Tully Blanchard then makes his way to the ring. Backstage, Brandi Rhodes (dressed as Seven of Nine) walks Pharaoh to the ring, DDP joins up, and then MJF walks with the group. Cody rises up through the stage and heads to the ring with the group and picks MJF to stay ringside with him. Spears on the floor and Cody immediately hits a suicide dive through the corner on Spears. He then punches Tully! Spears grabs Cody and they start fighting in the crowd. The match has not yet started. More brawling, Cody hypes up the crowd some more. Crowd with a "f— em, Cody! F— em up!"

Bell finally rings, but they go right back out to the floor, Cody with a spinning powerslam on the floor. While they fight, Tully sneaks in a lowblow on Cody. Crowd relaly hates Spear, "f— you, Shawn Spears!" rings out. Back and forth chops, Spears up to the second rope, Cody follows and hits a hurricanrana. Cody looks for another suicide dive and eats a forearm. Cody gets sent into the ring post, basically hugging it and climbing back in the ring. Spears with a lariat, looks for a cover and just punches Cody in the head.

Commentary putting over how MJF has not really helped much thus far in the match. Cody looks for a spear, misses and goes into the ring post. Spears on the apron and hits a DDT. Spears takes off Cody's weight belt, he spits on it and then starts pushing Earl Hebner around. Earl pushes him back and yells at him. Spears backs up and tosses the weightbelt so Hebner can take care of it and Spears whips Cody with Tully's belt. He cracked Cody again, now Cody's mad. Spears smacks him in the shoulder and Cody kicks him right in the face. Cody with a springboard cutter.

Spears locks in a leg submission, MJF trying to talk to Cody and getting the referee's attention, Tully holds on to Spear's hand for some added pressure on Cody. Spears with a death valley drive on the steel ramp. Referee starts up his ten count, MJF tries to help Cody in the ring, but the referee keeps his count going. MJF encourage Cody to get in the ring and he does so. Tully continues to game plan with Spears, as he's been doing the entire match. Cody hits cross rhodes, makes the cover and Tully gets on the apron to pull Hebner away. MJF then starts yelling at Tully, Tully ends up taping his fist real quick and it looks like these two are gonna fight. Tully throws his jacket at MJF. MJF throws his scarf at Tully and they choke each other, Spears with a kick to the head, sending MJF out of the ring.

On the outside, Tully fights MJF, Arn Anderson comes out to the ring and hits a spinebuster on Spears to a huge pop. Tully can't believe it when he realizes what happened as he goes to the back. MJF is out on the floor. Spears looks to bring a chair in the ring, Cody kicks Spears and then hits a facebuster. Cody grabs the chair now, but decides not to hit him. Cody pulls out the bionic elbow, disaster kick sending a chair into Spear's face, cross rhodes lands, 1-2-3.

Winner: Cody via Pinfall

- Post-match, MJF had the chair in hand and looked at it for a moment, like he was gonna do something, but he just tosses it aside and hugs Cody. He then hypes up the crowd for Cody's victory. Cody then celebrates a bunch in the ring.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix (c) vs. The Young Bucks (Escalera De La Muerte Match for the AAA Tag Team Titles)

Back and forth taunting to get things started, Young Bucks eat some kicks. Fenix with a big powerbomb on Matt Jackson, Pentagon with a missile dropkick below the belt on Matt. Young Bucks on the outside, Pentagon and Fenix look to fly and end up going right into a ladder. Matt with a buckle bomb into Nick's kick to the back of Fenix's head. Pentagon with a crossbody off a ladder down on Matt and Nick. Fenix uses the ladder on the floor to help him flip over and down on everyone in the match.

Table setup on the outside. Nick takes some massive chops from Pentagon. Fenix in the ring and looks to go for the titles, but gets stopped. Nick and Fenix looked for springboard armdrags, but both end up jumping on the ladder in the middle of the ring, both get yanked off, Pentagon and Matt go up, but come right back down via rolling cutters. More tables are setup on the outside. Nick and Fenix on the apron, and each eat a spear with everyone going through the tables.

Pentagon gets sent towards a ladder, slides to the outside to avoid, but Nick follows up with a springboard off the top rope and down on Pentagon! Matt then suplex Fenix into a ladder in the corner of the ring. Back in the ring, Pentagon is put on a ladder, but kicks his way off it. Nick up on the second rope and hits a hurricanrana on Nick, sending him down on a ladder! Fenix dances on the ropes a bit with Nick holding on, Fenix leaps to a ladder and hits a hurricanrana on Matt! Lots of crazy spots getting hit really clean thus far. Taller ladder brought into the ring by Pentagon and Fenix, they look to climb, but are stopped. Matt with a gorilla press of Fenix and immediately spears Pentagon. Nick with a penalty kick to Pentagon, facebuster on Fenix and then a moonsault off the apron on Pentagon. Nick springboards to the ladder, but Fenix pushes it over, Nick leaps to the top rope and hits a senton on Pentagon on the floor! Fenix then hits a twisting moonsault on both Nick and Pentagon down on the floor. Matt heads up to the top of the ladder in the ring, Pentagon gets back in there and hits slingblade off the ladder.

Table setup in the middle of the ring, Matt is put on it as Fenix climbs a ladder. Matt wakes up and follows Fenix up, looking for a suplex. Pentagon climbs up to help out and hits a canadian destroy on Matt through the table! "Holy s—" rings out from the crowd. I can't stress how insane these spots are and they have been hit as about as clean as possible so far in the match. On the outside, Pentagon is on a table, Matt is on another table. Both Nick and Fenix are yelling at each other as they go to the top of the ladders and each hit crossbody splashes.

More tables are ready to go on the outside, stacked right next to each other. In the ring, Nick has a sharpshooter on Pentagon, Matt puts the ladder over Pentagon and locks in a crossface. Fenix tries climbing the ladder during this, but Nick cuts him off. Matt gets Fenix in a piledriver position, Nick climbs, but Pentagon superkicks Matt in the face and then Fenix gets tombstoned anyways. Nick is in no man's land, and Pentagon shoves the ladder over. Nick's foot catches the top rope and ends up only going through one of the two tables, hard landing for him.

Pentagon Jr. and Matt on top of the ladder, he unmasks Pentagon! Fenix springboards in and gets superkicked. Pentagon then just shoves the ladder over with one hand and Matt crashes hard. Pentagon gets his mask back on and looks to piledriver Matt through a ladder. Zero fear on the ladder! Pentagon and Fenix make the climb to the top of the ladder, they grabs the titles and win the match.

Winners: Pentagon Jr. and Fenix retain the AAA Tag Titles.

- Post-match, two masked men came to the ring and destroyed everyone that was in the match. The duo then unmasked and it's LAX! The duo are now with AEW.

Chris Jericho vs. Adam Page (AEW World Championship Match)

Adam Page rides to the ring on a horse. After all the announcements are done for the match, Page goes right after Jericho, the two spill out to the floor. Jericho taunts Page a bit and ends up running away from him. They go back into the ring, Page boots Jericho in the face. Jericho is really getting worked over thus far. Page with a flyiing lariat off the top rope, cover, two. Page goes for the shooting star press off the apron and Jericho ends up driving his knees into Page's face. Referee starts up ten-count, Page gets back in at nine and Jericho immediately shoves Page backwards into the barricade.

Jericho beats up Page right in front of his family. Jericho rings the bell, referee says no way. Jericho then pops Page in the head with a microphone. Back in the ring, Page chops away on Jericho, but Jericho with an armbar takedown. Fans are taunting Jericho who flexes a bit for them. Jericho really working over Page's arm now. Crowd with a "stupid idiot" chant. Jericho continues to work over Page, taunts a bit in the corner, hits a running senton, cover, two. Crowd is fairly split for this, sounds like Jericho has the edge. Page stunned, Jericho with a crossbody off the top rope. Page rolls through, lifts Jericho, fallaway slam hits.

Page with a kip-up, sliding lariat, Jericho looks for lionsault, but gets caught, side russian leg sweep. Jericho recover and locks in walls of Jericho on Page. Discus elbow and Jericho is busted open above the eye from that shot. Page then punches Jericho right where he's busted open, Jericho gets sent into the barricade. Both go back into the ring, Page continues to beat up Jericho. Page charges in and Jericho lifts and sends Page on the apron. Jericho goes up to the second rope and brings Page with him, Page digs at the cut, hits an avalanche neckbreaker, cover, two.

Page with a discus elbow that flattens Y2J. Jericho launches Page stomach first on the top rope. Jericho looked for a springboard dropkick and eats a kick to the face. Page with a buckshot lariat, looks for dead eye, Jericho rolls through and locks in walls of Jericho again, but Jericho gets to the ropes. Edwards yells at Jericho to break up the hold and Jericho gives her a bit of a shove, she barks out him and back him into the corner. Jericho charges at Page and gets sent out to the floor. Page up to the top rope and hits a moonsault on Jericho down on the floor! Page sends Jericho into the ring, tries for bucketshot lariat again and eats a codebreak, pin, two-count.

Page with another rolling elbow strike, running shooting star press and Jericho gets the knees up. Codebreaker attempt, nope, reversal into dead eye, no, dead eye hits! Cover, only two! Page looks for a buckshot lariat and hits it. Dead eye attempt, no, Jericho backslide, Page looks for another discus elbow and Jericho lands judas effect! Jericho with the pin, 1-2-3!

Winner: Chris Jericho via Pinfall to become the AEW World Champion

– Post-match, Jericho celebrates with the title. Page looks on from the floor, stunned at what happened.