AEW Announces New Locations For Upcoming TNT Tapings (Being The Elite Recap)

On the latest Being the Elite, it was announced AEW will being heading to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 23 at the Peterson Events Center for its fourth TNT episode. The following week will be in Charleston, West Virginia at the Charleston Coliseum on October 30.


As noted, AEW has already sold out its first three shows: Washington D.C. (October 2), Boston (October 9), and Philadelphia (October 16).

Below are highlights from the rest of Being the Elite:

* In dramatic fashion, Nick Jackson climbs towards and up a ladder outside his house, like he's in a wrestling match. Matt was looking on the entire time and asks him what the hell he's doing. Nick says "Cleaning out my gutters," and tosses some leafs at Matt.

* Matt gets word that the second and third TNT tapings have sold out. He says they sold 9,000 tickets for Philly in 22 minutes, and 6,000 for Boston in 57 minutes (taking longer because the Ticketmaster site was slowed down).

* Somewhere in Canada, SCU gets out of their car, already in a bad mood about it being in the worst town. Daniels is so bothered, he doesn't even want to do the bit and goes back into the car.


* Backstage, Sammy Guevara runs into Brandon Cutler. Guevara tells him he had a great match, which he's done previously, Cutler says "Oh, let me guess. You didn't see it, but you heard it." Guevara says he say saw and gives him props. Cutler was waiting for Guevara to say something mean, but it never came.

* Young Bucks talk about selling out their TNT tapings. They show off their new Young Bucks shirt and talk about the upcoming ladder match against Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. Nick says he's never studied up so much lucha libre before. Matt talks about the crazy things Nick does off ladders.

* Hotel room, Cutler is on the phone, talking about how Guevara complimented him on his match. He gets a knock at the door, opens it, nobody there. Cutler heads back into the room and gets another knock. He realizes it's the conjoined room next to him, and it's Sammy. Guevara jumps on his bed and makes himself at home. Guevara says they can just leave that door open and Cutler isn't so sure about that. Guevara asks him if he wants to work out, Cutler agrees. Clips of the two hitting the gym and the pool. The two trade merch and suddenly become good friends.

* Orange Cassidy is laying on the ground with Peter Avalon sitting nearby. Referee Rick Knox comes in and raises Cassidy's arm three times and calls for the bell. Avalon looks confused and lifts Cassidy's sunglasses, he stared straight at the camera and scares Avalon a bit.


* BTE Mailbag: Nick Jackson is asked if AEW will ever have a video game and his response, "Yep." Matt is then asked which match will steal the show at All Out. Matt says besides their own match, he'll go with Adam Page vs. Chris Jericho.

* Brandon Cutler talks with Christopher Daniels while they are in Canada. They are getting ready to get back to the States and Cutler realizes his passport is still at the hotel, but Guevara is there still. He calls him up, and asks if he's seen his passport. Guevara is holding it and says he hasn't seen it, tossing it in the trash.