WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Alexa Bliss recently spoke with Muscle & Fitness and talked about body confidence issues. Bliss was asked how important it is for people to team up and talk about body confidence issues these days.

“I think it’s very important,” Bliss said. “I remember being younger and not really having anyone that I could look up to, who was actually open and honest about it. It’s a thing that people deal with through all stages of life and people have insecurities, especially now with social media it’s one hundred times worse. .

“So, I try to be very open and honest about body positivity and that type of thing on social media because people take it to heart. People destroy themselves trying to get elevation from people they don’t even know on social media.”

Bliss also talked about staying healthy with the crazy WWE schedule. She was asked how she manages to make training sessions and eat healthy foods while on the road. Bliss revealed that she’s currently building a home gym to keep up with everything while she’s off the road.

“Honestly, I try to find the time that I can, because a lot of times it’s either choosing to work out, or choosing to sleep [and recover] on the road because sometimes you get to the hotel and you have to be up early in the morning, after getting to the hotel room at 2 or 3 am [after a show]. Sometimes you need sleep, and sometimes you can workout. Sometimes you choose sleep, because if you haven’t had enough sleep you won’t get a good workout.

“But I actually have a gym at home that I am working on. So, when I’m home on those days, I definitely try to utilize the time. But I try to find healthy foods on the road like Whole Foods and grocery stores. I get in a quick workout when I can, and I have multiple gym memberships so wherever we are at in the country, there’s gonna be a gym that I have a membership for, and you have to find the time and make it happen,” Bliss said.