As noted, Awesome Kong has been confirmed for the 21-woman Casino Battle Royale that will air during the AEW All Out “Buy In” pre-show on Saturday. Kong recently spoke with The New York Post to promote the pay-per-view. It was The Post who originally broke the news of Kong being in the match.

The winner of the Casino Battle Royale will earn a spot in the match that will crown the inaugural AEW Women’s Champion on October 2 for the AEW TNT premiere. Kong was asked what it means at this point in her career to be in the match and have an opportunity to become the first-ever AEW Women’s Champion.

“I like records,” Kong said, laughing. “I like breaking molds. I love making history and what not, so this is putting another notch on my belt, so to speak. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Kong was also asked why she decided to come to work for AEW at this point in her career.

“I love new things and I love when people take chances, especially because people took a chance on me at the beginning of my career where there were certain people that didn’t think [I] had the look to be successful in professional wrestling. I would never amount to anything in professional wrestling. So I was the kind of person that went against the grain so to speak. And I love it when people dare to do great things, and everyone at AEW is daring to do great things and I want to be a part of that. I want to be a part of that at the beginning. I don’t want to jump on the wagon afterward,” she said.

Regarding her AEW future, Kong said she’s interested in building up the future of the business. She was asked what kind of role she wants to have in AEW, and how often we will see her.

“I want the type of role that’s going to help the generation of the future because I’ve done a lot in wrestling,” Kong said. “I don’t feel I have anything to prove in wrestling and I feel very fulfilled in my career, and I think the only thing left now is to run a really successful program that would leave us with superstars that are going to be around for you guys in 10 and 15 years. I want to be involved in that, to run a program with women and or men and build their names up.”

WWE NXT is headed to the USA Network on Wednesday, September 18, and will begin airing up against AEW from 8-10pm ET each week on October 2. Kong was asked if she’s heard about NXT moving up to USA.

“The promoters here were nice enough to inform me of that and I thought that was extremely interesting. Apparently it’s because of the growth of NXT, they decided to put it on Wednesdays. That’s the rumor. NXT is growing, therefore let’s put it on Wednesday nights. Interesting, the timing of that,” she said. Kong continued, “I find it as a compliment. Let the games begin.”

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