We noted on Tuesday how Vince McMahon reportedly "tore up" the original WWE SmackDown script just hours before the show was to air on the USA Network. PWInsider reports that there were a lot of changes made to last night's show.

It was reported on Tuesday by Dave Meltzer that the original main event was to be WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan, but that plans changed to Kofi and Xavier Woods vs. Bryan and Rowan. The main event ended up being Bryan and Rowan vs. Woods and Big E, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

PWInsider reports that original plans for the main event had Andrade facing Kofi in the main event. However, plans changed to Woods and Kofi vs. Rowan and Bryan after the pre-show production meeting, and then an hour before the show hit the air, the decision was made to pull Kofi from the main event, replacing him with Big E.

The changes were all decisions made by Vince. As noted, this is the third week in a row that Vince has re-written the show hours before it went live.