RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch recently spoke with Sporting News and admitted that it's harder to maintain her position at the top.

"Yeah, it's probably harder, you know because you're always the hero on the chase to the villain and the victory, right," Lynch said. "Everybody wants to support you when you're climbing but once you get there, everybody kind of wants to knock you down a peg or two ... or three or four or five. So, the work gets harder. We are in the business of how have you entertained me lately.

"OK, yeah, you did something cool last week but what have you done this week? What did you do on Twitter? What did you do in Instagram? So, it's always constantly thinking of more ways to evolve and then you've got more attention, you've got more eyes on you. You always have to be thinking. You always have to be creative and working and trying to evolve."

The Man was also asked about her recent on-screen relationship with boyfriend Seth Rollins, and if she would prefer to work together or go their separate ways in the storylines.

"I think it was cool to see us side-by-side but we both have our own divisions to carry right now," she said. "So, I think let me go and do my own thing, let him go and do his own thing. We'll be fighting and defending for my championship and hopefully his championship after SummerSlam. I think when you see two bad asses fighting together, that's cool. When you hear about them being in a relationship every few minutes, maybe not so cool. (laughs)"

Lynch was also asked if she misses having Ronda Rousey around WWE. She did not hold back and said she's still down for a singles match between the two.

"Do I miss her? Absolutely not," Lynch said. "If she wants to come back, I'll still be holding onto the championship and happy to face her. I didn't run. She ran. I still want that singles match. I still want that singles match so whenever she wants to come back and face me, I'll be right here waiting, carrying this division that she abandoned."