Below are highlights from the latest episode of Being the Elite.

* Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are hanging out, Matt wonders when was the last time the three of them just hung out together. The reminisce about some of their older bits and how they once used Vine for their videos. Omega says maybe they need to get back to their roots and remind fans who they are. Cut to the old BTE intro.

* Matt and Nick at the airport. Nick says he wanted to be a good brother and pay for Matt's bottle of water and a small bag of pistachios (which were $13.99!). Nick says he can't be mad though because it's a great day since they sold out their first TNT TV show in Washington D.C. The brothers are heading off to Mexico for AAA TripleMania.

* Matt and Nick arrive in Mexico City, but Nick forgot his contact lenses. Young Bucks meet up with Omega in his hotel room, they first knock on the wrong door and then go to his. Matt says they got a new camera with a microphone attached, so hopefully the audio is better. We watch Nick attempt to order room service, it takes so long the film speeds up to get through his order. The guys attempt to try some local cuisine, instead of going to the traditional TGIFridays. Clips shown of the guys checking out the area before the show.

* Kenny and Matt try to one-up each other on how much they love the wrestling business. Nick is quiet for the whole segment, so they ask him if he still loves the business. Nick ends up hitting a crossbody off the top rope on both guys and says he loves the business.

* Nick and Matt have Cody and Omega try a spicy candy that they always get when in Mexico. Cody asked if this was a rib on him and thought it was pretty average. Omega absolutely hated it. Cody tries the candy again and then says he thinks he likes it. After further review, he says he doesn't like it.

* Clips shown of the lead-up to TripleMania. The guys have a flight back home right after the show and have to get their bags packaged before they're match, so they can head right out. We see some of Kenny and The Young Bucks' entrance.

* Backstage, Kenny, Cody, Matt, and Nick, celebrate selling out their first TNT Show. They mention "the doubters," but they keep proving them wrong. They suddenly realize they have more weeks after that and start wondering who books week two and three. Nick says he's got the perfect city to go next, his favorite city, and the video cuts out. Cody calls him a mark and says they need to go a real city. One that rhymes with Kelly. The group then seems like they figure out where they want to go next, but the video keeps cutting out to hide the names.