Bill Dundee has had a wrestling career that’s spanned over 50 years and is still active today. He spent most of his time wrestling in southern territories and it was there where he had an altercation with a young Randy Savage which resulted in a gun being drawn.

Dundee went into detail about that story when he spoke with Interactive Wrestling Radio.

“The only one I got along with was [Randy’s brother] Lanny. He’s the only one that seemed to have a brain in his head,” Dundee said while laughing. “[Their father] Angelo was a goof… Randy was a goof. He lived his gimmick. [Doing an impression] ‘Ooh yeah, Macho Man Randy Savage.’ That was a bullsh*t story. He wasn’t near as tough as he thought he was but that’s another story.

“When you have a pistol at a guy’s head and he knows you’re not joking, that is how that fight ended. He didn’t want to find out how brave he was. He’s a goof. It was in the morning… George Weingeroff and, what was that other kid’s name, Rip Rogers! They came walking. I knew them so I said, ‘Hey Rip’ as I was leaning on the car. From the side, I hear BAM! [Randy] sucker punched me. I said, ‘You son of a b***!’ So, we hook up and roll around on the ground like two old women. I thought, ‘Well, this isn’t going to go anywhere. But if I get to the back of that Cadillac, I’ll restore order.’

“So, I got to the back. In those days, there was no button that you push. You had to put your key in. Well, anyways. I grabbed my .38, I cocked it and put it to Randy’s head and told Angelo, the father, ‘If you don’t tell your f***ing son to leave, I’m going to kill him right here.’ So, Randy went, [Randy impression voice] ‘You’re crazy! Mother f***er!’ And, he took off!”

Dundee thought that was the end of their fight and it wouldn’t be brought up again. Those thoughts, however, ended up lasting just a couple of days as Savage pressed charges on Dundee.

“So, when I get home there is a police man at my door with a warrant for my arrest,” revealed Dundee. “I said, ‘For my arrest?’ He said, ‘Bill, the Poffos did this.’ I said, ‘Randy Savage and his father?’ He said, ‘Yeah. They have you for assault with a deadly weapon.’ I said, ‘Yeah, it is a deadly weapon. It is a .38.’ So, we go to court. They’re all there – the Poffos. Little old me and my lawyers show up. Angelo comes up to me and says, ‘We need to throw this thing out.’ I said, ‘Throw it out? No! I will win it!’ But I called Jerry Jarrett and told him they want to throw it out. He said, ‘Well, we’re getting a little bit of bad publicity from it but it would be good for Bill Dundee. Throw it out.’ So, we threw it out. I haven’t seen Randy Savage since that day.'”