Booker T was on hand during the WWE Raw Reunion and even returned to the commentator's table for a match. He also took part in the toast that was led by Stone Cold Steve Austin although Booker didn't take part in the drinking part of the toast.

Booker revealed why he avoided drinking Austin's beer on his Hall of Fame w/ Booker T podcast.

"I had a good time. That beer, I couldn't drink the beer," said Booker. "If you noticed I was splashing beer on everybody. I took one sip of it and it took me back 15 years. I get an allergic reaction to beer. I haven't drunk beer in like 20 years, which was the last time I drank beer was back in WCW with me and Nick Patrick rolling down the highway drinking. I'm not a big beer drinker, but if it's Vodka or Jack Daniels that's different."

Dozens of legends from the past appeared on the show. One of those is Melina, and Booker lavished great praise on her.

"Seeing Melina, I told her that I just wanted to tell you that you were the best Diva on the roster. You were the better worker, the better performer and you shined like a diamond every time you went out there and she literally started crying because I never told her that before," stated Booker. "Melina, back in the day she was so controversial. She had so much heat in the locker room the girls hated her, neither did some of the guys, but when you are unique that comes along with it sometimes being controversial, being a polarizing figure in a certain way. That is what she brought."

Booker and Austin have known each other for over 25 years going back to their time in WCW in the 1990s. When the two met up at the Raw Reunion, Austin asked for help from Booker regarding hosting a podcast again.

"Steve Austin, we talked for literally an hour-and-a-half straight and when he came in he said, 'Book, you have to help me out with this. I haven't done [podcasting] in a while, you are going to have to help me out with this.' I said, 'come on Steve, it's just like having a match. We will call it in the ring.' He said, 'I know, but you are going to have to drive me on this.' After we were talking he forgot all of the stuff that he said earlier, it all just flowed and everything came out and we talked about everything. How it was, how it is and how I think the future is going to be in the business as far as with these young guys," said Booker.

"Like we were talking about there is so much talent out there and how these young guys are able to go out there to perform on another level, but we talked about how they should rely on guys like him and me to actually be able to fall back on and not look like we are trying to take their spot. We did talk about what it would be like if some young golfer said, 'Arnold Palmer sucks.' I'm like, you would have to be kidding me. He is one of the greatest golfers ever along with Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Or a young kid saying, 'Roger Federer, he's not as good as he used to be.' Come on! He should just retire when he almost just won the US Open and he's been a champion many times over!? You should be trying to fall up with the learning tree because it could be sweet and fall in line listening to us."

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.