Braun Strowman Says "Firefly Funhouse" Is All Bray Wyatt's Idea

Braun Strowman spoke with Inside the Ropes this past weekend. During the interview, he discussed how excited he was to see his former Wyatt Family leader Bray Wyatt debut as "The Fiend," and how brilliant he is when he is able to receive creative control.

"Oh man, Bray Wyatt, his mind is like no one else's," Strowman said. "The things he's capable of thinking of and coming up with. Everything is his idea, all this Firefly Fun House, everything. It's great to have Bray back, especially in the locker room for morale and everything with the guys. He is one of our top stars, he's one of the locker room leaders, and he's one of my best friends."

"The Fiend" made his in ring debut against Finn Balor this past Sunday at SummerSlam. His haunting persona is considered to be one of the best comebacks of any wrestler in a long time.

In addition to talking about "The Fiend," Strowman discussed his relationship with Wyatt off-screen.

"He just had his first son, and I've been honored to be the godfather of his first son," Strowman said joyfully. "We're close. Bray is one of my best friends and it's good to have him back."

Going back to his original thoughts about "The Fiend" character, Strowman said that he, like all the other wrestlers and fans, is thrilled to see where this "Fiend" character leads and what storylines he'll be involved in in the future.

"I love seeing what he's doing," Strowman stated. "This 'Fiend' character is getting me excited as a fan watching, but it's also getting me, Braun excited, because I know one day that's going to be a money match."

When asked if he could see himself teaming up with "The Fiend", Strowman noted that their paths will cross someday.

"You never know," Strowman answered. "We could either team, or we could fight friend or foe. We're going to get it one of these days."

There was a lot more that Strowman had to say during his interview with Inside the Ropes, including losing his opportunity when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Hell In A Cell against Brock Lesnar, how he's not going to sit around for title opportunities, and whether he believes pineapple on pizza is good or bad. You can watch his entire interview above.

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