Bray Wyatt Responds To Fan About His Husky Harris Gimmick

Before he was Bray Wyatt (and The Fiend), he was Husky Harris, an NXT star who was mentored by former WWE star Cody Rhodes and once a member of Nexus. A fan tweeted a Husky Harris GIF and asked Bray Wyatt if he ever heard of this "wannabe."


Wyatt did respond to the fan and mentioned Cody Rhodes, who he blames for him being ridiculed in front of the world because of Rhodes's failed attempt at fame.

Bray Wyatt tweeted, "@CodyRhodes did that. He was his partner. He trusted him. He was ridiculed in front of the world, for someone else's failed attempt at fame. It destroyed him. And from his ashes a butterfly was born. But the memory remains."

Below is his tweet: