Carmella recently spoke with The Memphis Commercial Appeal and said he's having a lot of fun working with R-Truth on WWE TV these days.

"I love the unpredictability of it and it's so much fun and so silly," Carmella said. "I feel like I can show a different side of my character and Truth is just incredible."

There have been rumors of a WWE 24/7 Title run for Carmella. She talked about how fun the 24/7 Title angles have been with Truth and how they will do whatever it takes.

"Truth is such a close friend of mine and friends always have each other's backs, so whatever we got to do, whatever it takes," Carmella said. She continued, "It's been so much fun and something that sort of took off.We've be en doing all of these random, hilarious, fast-paced segments out on golf courses and things like that."

While she's having fun with R-Truth and the WWE 24/7 Title chase, Carmella hasn't given up on winning a title of her own. She said it would "mean everything to me" to win the SmackDown Women's Title again. She also said a future title reign would involve fewer underhanded tactics. She said she would love to win the title again and "right my wrongs I've had in the past and maybe do it a little differently."

"I feel like I had a good championship run, but I feel like I could be able to do it again in a different way," she said. "I was always cheating, and I was playing the bad guy before."

When asked to give advice to aspiring women's wrestlers, Carmella said they should have thick skin. This applies on social media for the male and female Superstars, and Carmella said she makes it clear that she isn't concerned with "less-than-kind fans" who insult her on social media.

"I think it's great, but I also try to use it in a way to show the fans that it's not real," Carmella said of social media. "What you see on Twitter and Instagram is not real life."

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.