Cesaro spoke with Sports Illustrated to promote the return of WWE’s King of the Ring tournament. Tonight’s RAW will see Cesaro face Samoa Joe while Cedric Alexander faces Sami Zayn. The winner of Cesaro vs. Joe will go on to face the winner of Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre.

Cesaro says he has a big crowning ceremony planned if he wins the tournament, which will be his next step to a major WWE singles title run.

“I plan on having a crowning ceremony with a crown, robe, and a scepter,” Cesaro said. “That’s my next step to the world championship. Becoming world champion, that’s my goal every single day. That’s what I’m working toward. I’m working so hard and I don’t want to let anyone down.”

Cesaro has been working a singles run ever since Sheamus was put on the shelf with a concussion following WrestleMania 35. The Swiss Cyborg admitted that The Bar splitting up left him in an empty void.

“The split from Sheamus left me in an empty void,” Cesaro admitted. “Becoming King of the Ring will help me keep climbing, and that’s what I want to do.”

It’s been 7 years since Cesaro had a singles title run, but he says he only controls what he can. He said we will see more of that with tonight’s match against Joe.

“I can only control what I can,” he said. “Any time I step in the ring, I try to put on a spectacle. That’s why there is nothing like seeing me live. Me and Ricochet put on one of my favorite matches of the year in Japan that no one will likely see outside of that crowd there, and I had some really fun matches with Braun Strowman recently on live events, as well. I’m controlling what I can control as hard as I can.

“You’ll see more of that on Raw. Me and Samoa Joe, we haven’t had many interactions inside that ring. I don’t even think we’ve had a singles match, to be honest, which is very, very rare for me. I respect Joe, especially how he worked so hard and so long to get where he’s at. He never compromised his style, he went his own way, and that’s very impressive. It’s awesome to finally step in the ring with him, and it’s even better to do that with him on Monday Night Raw.”

Cesaro is really hoping that the King of the Ring tournament will lead to a significant singles push for him. He talked about being hungry for the chance to prove that he can carry a company on the road, help spike ratings, and show the masses that there is no other single Superstar that has what it takes to deliver engaging matches.

“I speak five different languages, but the most important language isn’t even one of those five,” he said. “The most essential language I speak is wrestling. To me, wrestling has always been about in-ring ability. What I do in the ring, anyone from around the world can understand that. So the “King of the Ring” is a perfect fit and the right start for me to show the world what I can do.”