Chris Jericho And Adam Page Comment On Title Match Before Tonight's AEW All Out (Videos)

AEW All Out goes down tonight at 8 pm ET (The Buy In at 7 pm ET) at the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois. Chris Jericho and "Hangman" Adam Page will be vying to become the first-ever AEW World Champion at the upcoming PPV. Both wrestlers gave some of their final thoughts before their big match.


Chris Jericho called tonight the biggest match of his career, feeling that if he doesn't win the title, it could be the beginning of the end of his career.

"Tomorrow, it's the biggest show I've ever been involved in, and I'll tell you the reason why," Jericho began. "I've headlined them all. You go to Japan, you go to the United States, you go to Canada. Who's been in the main event every single time for the last 30 years? It's Chris Jericho. But tomorrow night is the biggest show of my career, it's the biggest match of my career because there's everything at stake. I have to become the AEW Champion?the first-ever AEW champion. If I don't, it's the beginning of the end of Chris Jericho's career, and I'm not ready for that.


"All anybody's talking about is AEW. Why? Because of me. Because I signed the contract with AEW and when I did that I changed the entire industry forever! Give me a round of applause! But nobody will. Nobody's gonna applaud for me, nobody's gonna thank me, nobody is going to give me the due I deserve, so I'm going to reach out and take it. I'm gonna grab it. I'm gonna walk out of Chicago as the new, and first, AEW champion. 'Hangman' Page, he's a great performer, one of the best in the business today, but I'm going to be damned. Damned! If I'm going to let him make his name off Chris Jericho."

For Page, he believes both he and Jericho "need" the title, but for different reasons. While Jericho is looking to prove people wrong and show he can still run at the top of the pro wrestling world at 48-years old, Page wants to prove people right about him and what he could become in the world of wrestling.

"Both of us have said nearly all we can say about this championship match and what it means to us," Page said. "The thing I've taken away?both of our thoughts are that we need this championship, right? We need it deep in our souls. And Chris Jericho?and maybe rightly so?that he needs to prove some people wrong. This is no secret, this isn't a insult, it's just a fact, he's 48 years old, he's had a nearly 30 year career.


"I can tell when he says that he needs this championship, he's telling the truth because he knows?and he'll admit it?this might be his last chance for a run at the top of the world of wrestling. I can tell he knows maybe people look at him now and think that. And he wants to prove them wrong. But the need I have in my heart is I need to prove a lot of people right about me."

You can check out both promos in the videos below.

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