AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes was flying back from New York tonight, so he decided to do a quick Q&A on Twitter. During the Q&A he answered questions about the next match announcement for AEW All Out, why Orange Cassidy was signed to AEW, and his dream venue for the company.

When asked when the next match announcement for AEW All Out was, Cody simply tweeted, “(whispers) Friday.”

A fan asked Rhodes about the hiring of Orange Cassidy. The fan wanted to know how AEW could justify hiring Orange Cassidy because they didn’t think he was serious enough for the company. Cody answered, “Easily. He’s a great & fun pro wrestler. The show is 100% sports-based, but the competitors are vastly different in style and delivery.”

Another question he was asked was about what Atlanta venue he would like to see AEW at. Cody tweeted, “State Farm. Georgia hasn’t had a true homecoming style show since the Goldberg’ nitro. TNT being based in Atlanta, it would be a helluva party.”

Below are Cody’s tweets: