Dalton Castle was featured on the G1 Supercard in MSG earlier this year, but if you blinked then you might have missed his match. He was defeated by RUSH in roughly 17 seconds although he believes there may have been some underhanded business going on as he told our Nick Hausman.

“Did I lose or did somebody skate by and cheat the system altogether,” Castle asked before clarifying Hausman that the match was officially 16 seconds.

“But I’m not ashamed of that because RUSH is a dirty, rotten cheater. I make one mistake by trusting that somebody who I thought was a respectable wrestler to follow the rules and they do not do that. So that was my bad. My bad! I took my eye off a cheater.”

Castle said despite his post-match beatdown of The Boys, he’s still a lot of fun. When asked to expand about the status of The Boys, Castle indicated that he was through with them.

“Who cares,” Castle replied when asked about The Boys. “I don’t talk to those guys and I don’t think they’re around anymore. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but rumor has it, they are no more. They went back to Boy Island to cry into the shells they used to live in.”

Castle was then asked to preview the Summer Supercard match between ROH champion Matt Taven and Alex Shelley and who of those two he would like to face.

“Taven, I put a lot of faith in him to bring prestige to that title and I’d like to see him win it,” stated Castle.

Castle recently had another “Boys Night Out” which featured stand-up routines. He talked about being able to perform in his hometown of Rochester.

“It was a huge success; it was two weeks ago. The show was in Rochester, New York and I came out here to Toronto yesterday and got invited to do some improv for Two Strikes and that was another gigantic success,” said Castle. “I think you’re seeing the common theme here: when you see success, normally Dalton Castle is right there with it. Hair up or down, it’s still gonna be fun.

He was then asked what the differences are between doing a stand-up routine vs. doing improv and he responded with a very Dalton Castle answer.

“It’s very different in that in standup I go on stage and I have nothing prepared,” said Castle. “In improv I go on stage and I have nothing prepared.”