The closing segment of tonight’s WWE SmackDown saw Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan finally reveal the mystery attacker to Roman Reigns.

As seen below, the bearded man looks just like Rowan, which goes back to Buddy Murphy saying he saw Rowan at the scene of the first attempted attack backstage several weeks ago. There’s no word yet on who played the mystery man or where they are headed with this latest storyline twist, but we will keep you updated.

An earlier SmackDown segment saw Bryan and Rowan lead the mystery man into a room, where they kept him throughout the show. The final segment saw Reigns enter the room before Bryan removed a black hood to reveal the man’s face. SmackDown went off the air with a confused Reigns looking around at Bryan, Rowan and the mystery man, who looked terrified.

In related news from SmackDown, the show saw Murphy pick up a big upset singles win over Bryan. You can see video from that match plus the post-match beatdown from Rowan and Bryan below.

Stay tuned for updates on the Reigns mystery man storyline.