- Above are the top 10 moments from last night's WWE RAW at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

- Daniel Bryan spoke with William Beltran of SuperLuchas while in Bogota, Colombia over the weekend. Bryan was asked about the current fires in the Amazon. The comments were translated through Google Translate.

Bryan was asked about the concern in South America and how the Amazon fires affect everyone else.

"It's really sad, because there are apparently hundreds of thousands of indigenous people in the area losing their homes, and not only that, because… It's hard to say, because I hate talking about politics, but they are letting everything burn so they can use The land for other things," Bryan said.

He continued, "As someone who cares about the environment, this whole situation affects me. And it covers more than just the environmental issue, there is also the problem of all the people who live in the Amazon rainforest. They are hundreds of thousands of people, and what they want is to move them to the cities. But that's not how things work. You know what I mean, they have been living there for longer than anyone can remember, and they want to move them to the cities and expect them to work in factories or something? It is a tragedy and I hope that it can soon be controlled and that everyone realizes that the Amazon is a central part of the ecosystem."

Bryan was also asked about the wildlife who are affected by the fires.

"You know, the diversity of species in the Amazon rainforest is higher than anywhere else in the world, and there is much that could be lost," Bryan said. "There are species that could become extinct. And the interesting part is that we don't know which species correlate with others. We cannot say 'These specific species must be saved'. There is, for example, the fungi kingdom, fungi. There is no variety of fungi as large as the one that exists in the Amazon rainforest, and we do not know how many of them are necessary for the planetary ecosystem, because everything causes an impact. We already know the impact caused by the reduction in the number of bees and the danger it represents. However, it is a devastating scenario."

- As noted, tonight's "Miz & Mrs." episode on the USA Network will be the season one finale. Miz took to Twitter today and teased a huge announcement for the episode.

He wrote, "***SEASON FINALE ALERT*** HUGE announcement you are not gonna want to miss. Tune into an all new @MizandMrsTV Tonight 10/9c on @usa_network @MaryseMizanin @MonroeMizanin #MizAndMrs"

You can see Miz's full tweet below: