Dolph Ziggler On If He'll Be Watching AEW All Out, His Favorite Female Wrestler

Dolph Ziggler did a Q&A this afternoon on Twitter, where he revealed if he would be watching AEW All Out tomorrow, his interest level with NXT, his current tag team with Robert Roode, and his favorite female wrestler.


One of the questions Dolph Ziggler was asked if he would be watching AEW All Out tomorrow, which he answered, "Nah. Hope it goes great! That's good for everyone."

When asked if he would leave the main roster for NXT, his answer was simply, "Nah." He also wrote, "Nah," to the question if there was anyone in NXT he would like to face.

A fan asked him if he and Robert Roode. had a name for their tag-team yet, Ziggler's response was, "I'd prefer to not have one & just continues to be great at our jobs." He was also asked which female WWE star he would like to tag with him and Roode, his response was "Renee."

When asked if he was afraid of the Fiend, Ziggler replied, "Yes. And Heights." He also replied, "Naomi. Always Naomi," when asked who his favorite female wrestler was.


Below are his answers: