Edge Looking Jacked (Photo), John Cena Vs. Triple H Full Match, Lacey Evans' Upcoming TV Appearance

- Above is the full WWE Championship match between John Cena and Triple H at WWE Night of Champions 2008. Near the end of the match, Triple H fought of out of AA to hit a pedigree for the victory.

- In the video below, Lacey Evans will make an appearance on this Friday's episode of Lifetime's Military Makeover with Montel Williams.


- Earlier today, Edge posted a photo of himself and spoke about how he decided to get back into shape after the loss of his mom and father-in-law. Earlier this month at WWE SummerSlam, Edge interrupted Elias' concert and speared the WWE Superstar.

"Ok, so here goes. Looks like I'm diving headfirst into the ocean of cheesy gym selfies. No toe dipping here. Yikes. However, I decided to do this to best explain this past year, and maybe help give someone some incentive. Last fall we lost my Mom and my father in law John within a two month span. I didn't fully grasp the emotional fallout until I looked in the mirror one day and I didn't like what I saw. At all. I'd stopped training. I stopped dieting, to a huge degree. I just stopped living like me. Living in the present. Stuck in that past. I was obviously in mourning. But I came to the conclusion my Mom and John wouldn't want this, and I'd look at my girls and realize that if I want to be around for them, I needed to get off my rapidly expanding butt and get to work getting healthy.


"I reached out to Nutrition Solutions and got my diet dialed in. I can't say enough about this company, they're amazing, and this isn't a paid endorsement. Then I started putting in the sweat equity. Slowly but surely, I started coming out of the funk. Less lethargic. I started feeling vibrant. Vital. Happy. Like me. Which makes me a better dad and partner. A better person period. I used every excuse I could to stay stuck. Injuries and everything else I already outlined. But the only way I got unstuck, was to JUST. GET. MOVING. So if this reaches even one person out there who may feel stuck, just know, you're not alone and you can change it."