Enzo Amore On If He Sees Himself Returning To WWE

As seen in the video above, former WWE star Enzo Amore recently spoke with Wrestling Inc.'s own Andy Malnoske about his time developing from NXT superstar to making his debut on WWE RAW. Amore mentioned how charisma is something that can definitely be influenced by great teachers like the late, great Dusty Rhodes, however, there is also a portion that comes naturally to talented people.


"I've seen guys get [charisma] pulled out of them by the late, great Dusty Rhodes in promo class. Guys that I came into the business with that didn't know how to say their name on camera, literally [were] kind of confused by that. [Those same guys] have come out and rocked the main event on Monday Night RAW, so, I've seen [charisma] get taught but there is a quality to being a certified 'G' and a quality in being a seven-footer that you can't teach... I've always felt like when I was on the microphone in the WWE, I was just doing what anybody in my hometown would have done," Enzo said. "You know what I mean? Like, 'They handed you a microphone? Are you kidding? In front of a ton of people on TV, like, what are you going to do with it?' I just felt like I was in the kitchen when I was out there, hanging out with my people."


Enzo remembers a time when he was chomping at the bit to debut on the main roster, focused on the promised money he could make there. He hopes that the other talent in NXT will learn to appreciate these developing stages because they are learning from some of the greatest ring veterans in pro wrestling.

"When you're in it and you're in NXT at the beginning stages, all you want to do is get to the main roster where there's that light at the end of the tunnel," Enzo explained. "There's money to be made when you start off at $600 a week and you're taking out credit cards to pay the bills and stuff. If you don't take it for granted – those opportunities to get in the ring with Norman Smiley every day, all-day ring time. You learn from the best in the world at the WWE in the Performance Center, and you don't realize how blessed you were until you get out and you get in the indie locker room, to be honest."

Once on the main roster, it was common for Enzo and his partner, Big Cass, to be responsible for hyping that crowd up at the beginning of RAW. Amore admitted that this was a spot on the card that he was honored to have.

"S–t, [I love to] entertain y'all and hold the microphone. [WWE] doesn't have to put me in a title match, and we take up that space on the card," Enzo said. "And that was one of the coolest things I got to do in the WWE, was open up those shows, hype up the crowd, and we didn't have to reinvent the wheel – big guy, little guy, let's get him in here."


Despite reports this week that Enzo and Cass are in talks to return to NXT full-time, Enzo told Malnoske that a return to the WWE – at least the main roster – isn't something he sees happening in the near future. Amore feels grounded where he is currently at and can't picture himself keeping up with the demanding WWE schedule.

"I could never see myself working a schedule like that anytime soon. I mean, you just never say never with anything, so, I just know that absence makes the heart grow fonder. All is forgiven in time. I find that – and that goes on both sides of the coin because I worked for the company where at one point, I got fired and was upset... In that moment, I'm so angered," Enzo remembered. "But then you look at it and you understand the significance of the timing of the situation and you have time to let that burn off.

"Man, I don't hold any grudges. Do I want to go back there? Absolutely, not right now. I am enjoying so much of what I am doing so quickly, of being in these locker rooms and meeting these guys, that I can't imagine going back to a world where I'm on the road 300 days, over 250-280 matches a year."

You can watch the full interview in the video above. If you use any parts of this interview, please credit Wrestling Inc.