The Beyond Wrestling indie promotion took to Twitter today and had an interesting response to the WWE NXT – USA Network announcement.

As noted, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon provided comments on the big move for NXT in the official press release. He said, “The move to USA Network provides an opportunity to deepen our relationship with NBCUniversal and further build the NXT brand. Over the long term, our goal is to develop a following that can be monetized to the same level as our flagship programs, Raw and SmackDown.”

Beyond re-posted part of Vince’s statement and added, “It’s got nothing to do with what the fans want, nothing to do with what’s best for the wrestlers, and nothing to do with the quality of the programming.”

A fan responded to that tweet from Beyond and asked, “You gonna cry about it?”

Beyond responded and said they will just work to run a better weekly wrestling show. They also indicated that their “fingerprints” are all over the NXT and AEW products.

They wrote back to the fan, “No, I’m going to work to run a better weekly wrestling show, even if we play to a smaller audience, because at the end of the day, everything going to cable TV on Wednesday nights has my fingerprints all over it.”

Beyond also noted that season two of their “Unchartered Territory” series premieres on Thursday, October 3, the same week that AEW premieres on TNT. They also have plans to premiere a new weekly program that week on IndependentWrestling.TV.

Launched in 2009 and owned by Drew Cordeiro, Beyond Wrestling currently bills itself as “independent wrestling’s most watched YouTube Channel” and is based out of Worcester, Massachusetts. In addition to airing weekly content on YouTube, they also have stream content with the IndependentWrestling.TV service.

You can see the related tweets below: