Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger took to Twitter to fire shots at WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg during Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Swagger took issues with Goldberg’s performance in the easy win over Dolph Ziggler.

He wrote, “Maybe if u have a match on #summerfest, u should actually be able to work a match. @Goldberg. I’m tired of this s–t…”

One fan said Goldberg would probably defeat Swagger in MMA.

Swagger responded, “He can’t run a spot but you think he can touch me? Lol”

Goldberg responded to Swagger’s tweet and wrote, “Easy kid”

Swagger continued taunting Goldberg and wrote, “Ok. But Can u at least kick out on 2 ?”

Swagger continued tweeting with fans, taking more shots at Goldberg.

“I expect him to not have a match in which he obviously can’t compete . You would pay your money to see that?,” he asked one fan.

He told another fan, “Nah I’m rich and not losing to people who would break their hip trying to compete w me”

Swagger also referred to Goldberg as “grandpa” to another fan. He wrote, “I’m the jerk? How much did u just pay to see grandpa not fall down?”

“Prob get me up for a #failingduplex too,” Swagger wrote to a fan who said Goldberg would wipe the floor with him, taking a shot at Goldberg’s Jackhammer.

You can see the related tweets below: