During yesterday’s Being The Elite Mailbag Live at Starrcast III, Kenny Omega revealed his future with New Japan Pro Wrestling and more about what he’ll be doing with DDT Pro-Wrestling.

A fan asked Kenny Omega if he was going to be at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14, which he revealed that he had great experiences, but nothing left of the place.

“Well, I’m gonna give you my best Mr. Burns impression: ‘When pigs fly,” Omega joked. “No, you know what, to be honest, you know how I am. You guys know exactly how I am. [Sarcastically] I’m just sitting at home in my office looking at the phone, I’m just watching it on a daily basis and I’m losing a lot of sleep over this one and, uh, to be honest, it’s not looking too bright.

“So Wrestle Kingdom 14, who knows maybe, I will, maybe I won’t, probably not. They got good guys and I’ve wrestled all of them, most of them, probably all of them. They are all great experiences, great matches. I got nothing left there, nothing left of that place.”

Omega talked about going back to DDT Pro-wrestling and how people told him it was career suicide. He also explained his love of mixed matches and Antonio Honda being one of his favorites.

“Really exciting to me,” Omega said. “A lot of people say, ‘Kenny, that’s career suicide to go back doing comedy matches this late into your career.’ Hey, it’s not going to be a comedy match, let me tell you. It’s going to be something that I believe in day one, that’s mixed matches. Mixed matches can be exciting, they can be beautiful, and they can be something the likes you have never seen. It’s kind of the same vision that The Young Bucks have for tag-team wrestling, in general, I feel the same about mixed matches. That it’ll be a step, hopefully in the right direction for all of mixed match wrestling, which other places haven’t done quite as nicely lately. I’m really excited for that and hopefully, it opens the door for something in the future as well with DDT Pro-Wrestling. A lot of great guys. Hopefully you guys will get to know some of them in your future as well.”

“It’s actually going to be myself with Riho, taking on Antonio Honda, one of my favorite wrestlers, not only in DDT but maybe all of the world,” Omega added. “If you guys don’t know who he is, trust me, he’s so good. Probably what people consider The Ace. If the match goes well, you might see one or both, here at some point. I don’t want to call it a scouting expedition, it’s really for me to come home.”