During today’s Being The Elite Mailbag Live at Starrcast III, Kenny Omega answered a few questions about video games. Omega was asked about an AEW video game and he teased about potentially becoming a character in a fighting game that wasn’t a wrestling game.

When Kenny Omega was asked about an AEW game, he responded that it was on his top priority list and revealed that an announcement could be very soon.

“You know I’ve been globetrotting a little bit and I’ve been trying to assemble and piece together some people who might be in the know the vision of what this needs to be. Trust me, having a video game for AEW is top of my priority list, and I can’t share anything right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there might be something to announce by the end of the year, so be ready for that, guys.”

Another question that Kenny Omega was asked was if he would play Tekken with a fan. While answering, Omega revealed that he might be a character in a fighting game, but didn’t reveal what game it was.

“I’m not touching the game [Tekken] until they actually put me in it,” Omega said. “Now I’ve had this discussion with many people, had it with Capom, Konami. I’m not talking about a wrestling game, but you might actually see Kenny Omega in a fighting game real soon. Things are coming together. That game whatever it may be, not to spoil anything.”