As noted, Sasha Banks made her long-awaited return to WWE TV on tonight’s post-SummerSlam edition of RAW from Toronto. Banks came to the ring to support Natalya but ended up turning heel on her. RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch came out to make the save but Banks got the upperhand and destroyed Lynch with steel chair shots. WWE has released video from the return, which you can see above.

One RAW Superstar who wasn’t thrilled to see The Boss return was Lacey Evans, who worked Dana Brooke at this week’s WWE Main Event tapings but has been away from RAW for several weeks. Evans took to Twitter after Banks’ return and fired shots at her.

“All that time off….you’d think she woulda came back with a better hair choice. #RAW #NothingButANasty #SmurfGoneMad #Classless #NastyThing,” Evans wrote.

A fan asked Evans what look she would have went with and she wrote back, “My natural real blonde golden locks sweetheart”

Evans also responded to a fan who commented on how she delivered those words on Banks via Twitter, not face to face. She responded, “These nasties know where to find me sweetheart. Catering. Sweet Tea on one side and apple pie on the other.”

On a related note, Banks took to Twitter after the return and issued her first public comments.

Banks quoted rapper Kendrick Lamar and wrote, “Finally free, the butterfly sheds light on situation. That the caterpillar never considered, ending the internal struggle”

Banks then re-tweeted a clip of former reality TV star New York calling another woman named Becky a “dumbass b—h.” Attached to that clip was a tweet from Lynch that featured h er recent video interview where she ranted on about competition and social media, and took shots at Banks.

For those who missed it this past weekend, Lynch began the rant by expressing disappointment at the lack of talent coming for her title.

“I was going to say I’ve got plenty of people coming for ‘The Man,’ but do I really?” Lynch asked. “It’s kind of a disappointment. I don’t think I have enough people stepping up to ‘The Man,’ stepping up to the top dog, stepping up to the one that proved that anything can be done in this industry. That we can achieve anything, that if you just put your mind to it and stop sitting in that back, trying to be liked by everybody that you can actually do great things in this business. That you can change the game. You can change this industry. You can change the way people perceive this industry.

“You can be the first WWE Superstar, man, women, or child?I can say child because we did have a child tag team champion?on the cover of the ESPN Magazine. But no, people are just sitting in the back brushing each other’s hair, ‘Oh, you’re doing a great job, sweetie.’ Come on guys, let’s get out there and fight, this is the conflict business. And yet, they’re on Twitter complaining about, ‘Oh she said this, she said that,’ if you actually were smart or if you were actually intelligent, you would step to ‘The Man,’ you would want to make money. You realize I’m a freakin’ WrestleMania main eventer.

“You’d want to be there, you’d want to know that if I fight with her, maybe I could be in the main event of WrestleMania, but instead, ‘No, my feelings are hurt. Oh, my feelings!’ We’re in the freaking fighting industry! Don’t be talking about your stupid feelings, I don’t care about your stupid feelings! I care about making money. I care about these people that pay money to come and see us. Get them interested. Give them what they want. Give them a fight that they care about, but you want to talk about your stupid feelings. Frickin’ feelings.”

That was the end of the Becky promo that Banks addressed and linked to after her RAW return.

You can see the related post-RAW tweets from Banks and Evans below:

Joshua Gagnon contributed to this article.