- Above is the full match between Kazuchika Okada and Minoru Suzuki from NJPW The New Beginning in Sapporo in 2017. Near the end of the match, Okada finishes off Suzuki with a rainmaker.

- Wrestling Inc. was sent news on Masked Republic's Legends of Lucha Libre brand announcing new licensing deals at last weekend's Expo Lucha.

Lucha libre fans from around the globe gathered last weekend in San Diego, CA for Masked Republic's second annual Expo Lucha convention. "The comic con of lucha libre," as some fans have described it, is the only convention held outside of Mexico allowing attendees to not only see live events featuring the icons, legends and superstars of the lucha libre world, but to get up close and personal with them as well as part of more than 50 meet & greet opportunities.

As part of the Expo Lucha experience, Masked Republic uses the convention to announce new partnerships and products officially licensed through the company's Legends of Lucha Libre brand. In just over two years, the brand has expanded from two licensing partners and categories to more than a dozen with even more signed, but yet to be announced, deals expected to be made public shortly.

Officially licensed items announced at last year's Expo Lucha in Las Vegas and available now at retail and online include: Collectible retro ReAction figures and M.U.S.C.L.E. figures from Super7, the "Lucha Libre Thumb Wrestling Kit" from Running Press, t-shirts exclusive to 80sTees.com.

This year's announcement highlights included:

* The reveal of multiple lines under the new global toy deal between Legends of Lucha Libre and Boss Fight Studio, a relatively young company formed by former Hasbro designers and employees. The first three products announced were a series of 6.5" highly articulated Collectors Figures, window-boxed mini-figure 3" super-deformed style collectibles and Mystery Mascaras™ blind boxes of soft-pvc masks which come on a 3" tall mini bust. Collectors Series figures Wave 1 features The Lucha Brothers Penta Zero M and Rey Fenix. Wave 2 will be Konnan and Lady Maravilla. Wave 3 will be Tinieblas Jr. and Laredo Kid. Mini-figure Wave 1 will be Penta Zero M, Rey Fenix, Konnan, Tinieblas Jr., Lady Maravilla and Solar. Mystery Mascaras Wave 1 will include Penta Zero M, Rey Fenix, Konnan, Tinieblas Jr., Solar and Super Astro. Product pre-order will begin in October with Wave 1 releases expected to be released in Summer 2020.

* Building block system Pix Brix revealed building sets for 2D and 3D Penta Zero M, Rey Fenix and Solar along with a Masked Republic logo mask set. The company will also be releasing plans/instructions for how to use their regular brix to build wrestling rings and other lucha libre related objects. Pix Brix sets are now available at Pix-Brix.com and in select stores.

* Underwraps Costumes, a leader in the Halloween industry, unveiled full body Halloween/cosplay costumes complete with mask, muscle-padded chest and long sleeves with authentic tattoos for Rey Mysterio and Penta Zero M. "Mask Only" options will be available as well for Rey Mysterio, Penta Zero M, Konnan and Solar. Costumes will be available on Amazon and in select stores this September.

* The first official Legends of Lucha Libre calendar will be in stores nationwide shortly thanks to Sellers Publishing. Packed with stunning photography from many of the lucha libre industry's top photographers, the calendar also features lucha terminology, fun facts and historic notes including dates of luchador births, deaths and important matches. The Legends of Lucha Libre 2020 calendar is also available now on Amazon.

* Fans can now find Legends of Lucha Libre luchadores alongside NFL players and other celebrities on Card.com as part of their pre-paid Visa and MasterCard program. With multiple options of posed and action shots, each branded with the Legends of Lucha Libre logo, cards are available now for Penta Zero M, Rey Fenix, Tinieblas Jr. and Solar with more to come.

* Chido Comics & Masked Republic's Luchaverse story world featuring Legends of Lucha Libre's Rey Mysterio, Lucha Brothers Penta Zero M & Rey Fenix, Tinieblas Jr., Solar & Super Astro and Konnan, announced the publication of their first trade paperback bringing together all five one-shots in the Luchaverse prelude arc released over the last year. The book, in paperback and hardcover editions, will be available starting October 1st at TheLuchaverse.com and in select comic book shops.

* Lifesize cardboard standees of five Legends of Lucha Libre luchadores now take their place next to WWE, Disney, Marvel and other pop culture icons thanks to Star Cutouts. From the over 6' tall Tiniblas Jr. to his under 3' tall sidekick Alushe and the in-between sizes of Penta Zero M, Rey Fenix and Solar, these great collectors items come with a free desktop/tabletop version of the luchador as well. Standees are available now on a variety of websites and coming soon to LuchaShop.com and select stores.

- Here are the latest cards for the upcoming ROH - CMLL co-promotional Global Wars tour:

Dearborn, Michigan (9/6):
* Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia vs. Volador Jr. and Triton
* Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO, Brody King, and Flip Gordon) vs. Okumura, Rey Bucanero, Hechicero, and Barbaro Cavernario
* RUSH vs. Stuka Jr.

Chicago, Illinois (9/7):
* Matt Taven vs. Volador Jr. (ROH World Championship)
* RUSH vs. Barbaro Cavernario
* Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal, and Jonathan Gresham vs. Caristico, Stuka Jr., and Triton

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (9/8):
* The Briscoes and Cavernario vs. Bandido, Mark Haskins, and Tracy Williams
* Caristico, Stuka Jr., and Volador Jr. vs. Okumura, Hechicero, and Rey Bucanero
* Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black vs. Triton