Lio Rush Addresses Future With WWE, Biggest Misconception Of Him, New Single "Scenic Lullaby"

This week The Two Man Power Trip of wrestling welcomed WWE Superstar and "Man of the Hour", Lio Rush. Lio joined TMPT to discuss his new single "Scenic Lullaby", a deep journey into the personal life, career and inner workings of one of wrestling's most talked about performers. From his days on the Independent scene where he dazzled crowds with his innovative moves and entrances through his fast rise through the ranks of NXT, 205 Live and the WWE main roster, Lio has a story to tell and a few things that need to be heard through his masterful poetic skills. In this excerpt, we find out exactly what is the biggest misconception of Lio Rush by the wrestling world and what his immediate future brings within the WWE. The full episode can be downloaded at this link.


Future with WWE:

"I miss the fans, I miss doing what I love and like the saying goes never say never and I'm only 24 years old and of course I still want to wrestle and be a part of my dream company. I'm pretty sure it won't be the last time you see me in a ring. But it is pretty cool that I get to have this opportunity to spend some time with my family because I haven't been able to that much or as much as I'd like to since signing with WWE and also to take this time out to work on projects that I've always wanted to work on like this single that I just put out."

New single "Scenic Lullaby"

"A lot of people are always so shocked when they talk to me in person or they kind of like find out that I'm not the character that I portray on screen and I think I'm a deep thinker. I'm always deep in thought and I have always been interested in poetry and that was my first thing before I even started to think about doing a song, I always did like spoken word poetry and I've always written in my notes stuff like that. This was the first one that kind of hit home for me and I felt like this was the right time to kind of put it out and I've always been pretty open about my personal life and the struggles that I've been through in my life and my upbringing and all stuff like that. It is a pretty deep thing and I'm super excited and I love the watching all of the responses and the comments saying that lyrically it is a pretty deep song that has some substance to it which is awesome to read."

What is the biggest misconception of Lio Rush:

"I've always felt like I've kind of been a misunderstood guy just because of how I am. I've gone through so much in my life and I've probably gone through a lot more than a teenager probably should go through and it kind of forced me to have this demeanor about me and has kind of forced me to grow up a little bit mentally and I kind of have this mindset to succeed and this mindset to not only work for me but work for my family. I feel like being 24 years old, I feel like a lot of people take it as arrogance and I've always heard that. It kind of hurts to be honest because I feel like I am a pretty down to earth kind of nice guy, pretty quiet most of the time and I feel like a lot of people see that on screen character and see that he's so loud and so brash and he's so obnoxious and stuff like that and then they see me not on screen and they see me quiet and not really talking and they kind of turn it into that he's cocky and he's arrogant because he's "this" way on television. No. This is just me. I'm just always in my head and I'm always just thinking and it's a weird thing, I am never or not to good at explaining why I feel the way I feel or how I feel the way I feel but i am a pretty deep individual and I think a lot about what my next move is and what I am going to do and what I am going to say. It is weird but that is pretty much how I feel people perceive me but I don't think I'm that bad of a person."

You can check out the video for "Scenic Lullaby" by heading over to Lio Rush's OFFICIAL YouTube page.

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