Mike Kanellis Comments On If He & Maria Would Do A Reality TV Show, If 205 Live/NXT Ever Merge

This afternoon WWE star Mike Kannelis did a Q&A on Twitter. The 205 Live star answered questions about if he and Maria would ever do a reality show, if he missed The Kingdom, 205 Live, and if he would change his WWE name to Mike Bennett.


When asked if he would ever do a reality tv series with Maria, Mike responded, "Sure. Why not." He was then asked about if 205 Live should be incorporated with NXT, which he answered, "I think it's strong enough to stand on its own. Just needs more exposure. The show is must-see literally every week."

One user asked about Mike Kannelis' days in Ring of Honor as a member of The Kingdom. Kannelis answered, "Every day," to the question if he missed the group.

Mike also answered a fan question about if he would change back to Bennett in WWE, he revealed, "I honestly don't think about it. A name is a name."

Below are his answers: