Welcome to Wrestling INC’s recap of Major League Wrestling’s weekly episodic Fusion. Today’s show takes place from the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

No cold open. Straight into the Fusion intro song.

Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype a National Openweight title match between champion Alexander Hammerstone and Puerto Rican sensation Savio Vega. Also coming up tonight…an update on Marshall Von Erich after the newest member of Contra Unit spit poison mist into his eyes.

Bestia 666 makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He’s accompanied by Salina de la Renta. Flashback to Konnan telling Salina that he wants her to book a match between Jimmy Havoc and LA Park as apart of his demands from the leverage he has over her. Rey Horus is out next.

Bestia 666 versus Rey Horus

Tie-up. Bestia forces Horus into the ropes but Horus pushes him right back out. They trade waistlocks. Horus applies a wristlock…Bestia reverses the pressure. Horus manages to escape. Bestia makes him pay with an arm-drag and a back elbow in succession. Horus gets to the top rope and takes Bestia down with an impressive twisting arm-drag. Horus slows Bestia down with a dropkick that sends him to ringside. He goes for a suicide dive…Bestia slips inside the ring and comes off the ropes with a suicide dive of his own! Loud “lucha libre” chant from the crowd. They brawl on the outside briefly before the action returns to the squared circle.

Bestia sends Horus into the turnbuckles with snake eyes. Horus fires back with right hands but then runs into a superkick from Bestia for a nearfall. Bestia to the corner…he misses a stinger splash…Horus takes advantage with a headscissor. Bestia back to the outside…Horus takes him out with a tope con hilo! Stiff chop to Bestia’s chest. Another. Back to the ring…Bestia retakes control. He goes for a powerbomb…Horus turns it into a frankensteiner. Pace picks up…Spanish Fly from Horus with pin…two count. More chops by Horus. Bestia answers with another superkick. Horus out at two on the pin attempt. Bestia to the middle-rope…Horus nails him with an enziguri and meets him at the top. Bestia blocks his sunset bomb attempt but Horus manages to arm-drag him off. Pop up tornado DDT. Bestia won’t stay down. Horus climbs…Bestia crotch drops him…muscle buster driver. That’ll do it.

Bestia 666 wins by pinfall

Post match Salina grabs a microphone and calls herself the greatest promoter in the history of the professional wrestling. She calls Konnan a b**ch and demands he give her phone back. This brings out Konnan. Konnan wonders why Salina isn’t at her normal job working the streets. He then says that Salina’s phone contains a lot of scandalous evidence, including the fact that Savio Vega was supposed to receive a bonus payment for his title matchup with Alexander Hammerstone, but was never informed. Konnan informs Salina that this has changed Vega’s decision to sign with Promociones Dorado. Vega comes out…tears up the contract and leaves with Konnan. Salina is livid. Segment ends.

Cut to a new episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynasty.” Hammerstone, Holliday, and MJF are hanging at a penthouse in Manhattan. MJF says that since they have all the gold…they all deserve a gift. MJF hands Hammerstone and Holliday a gold rolex each. They take another jab at Teddy Hart. Hammerstone becomes overwhelmed with happiness and tries to initiate a group hug. MJF leaves…Hammerstone is crying and leaves. Holliday admits that he’s starting to tear up.

Advertisement for MLW’s first PPV, Saturday Night SuperFight on November 2nd from Chicago.

Cut to the H2 network, where Brian Pillman Jr. and Teddy Hart are playing with Hart’s cats. Davey Boy Smith Jr. appears. They all attempt to do standing moonsaults on the bed of their hotel room. Good times.

MLW hypes the Opera Cup tournament.

Promo from Contra Unit. They introduce the newest member of their faction…a man who “has fought in the tarpits of India, and has burned man with coals.” Ikuro Kwon is his name. Fatu ends the promo raising the MLW championship. “ALL HAIL CONTRA.”

Commentary questions who Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs will recruit to battle Contra at War Chamber in Dallas, or if Marshall Von Erich would even be healthy enough to compete. Recap of Kwon spitting the poison mist into Marshall’s eyes. Backstage…Kaci Lennox interview Ross Von Erich and Tom Lawlor. Ross says that his brother is in Hawaii seeing an eye specialist. Tom Lawlor jumps in. “CONTRA…WE ARE GOING TO WAR.”

Interview with Mance Warner. He brings his white board to reveal his gameplan to take down Promociones Dorado. He has Lennox draw three trees on the white board, then grabs a chainsaw to make the point that he’s going to chop down Dorado’s members one by one. He calls out Salina…saying that their blood feud isn’t done.

Back to the arena…Simon Gotch and Josef Samael from Contra are out for tag action. Their opponents, Ariel Dominguez and Jay Sky, are already in the ring. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.

Contra versus Ariel Dominguez & Jay Sky

Gotch and Dominguez start. Gotch boots Dominguez down, then nails Sky on the apron. Samael comes in. He applies a vicious camel-clutch onto Dominguez. Dominguez taps.

Contra wins by submission

Samael pulls out the railroad spike and fish hooks Dominguez in the mouth. Gotch spikes him with a piledriver. Crowd reigns boos on Contra Unit. Referee checks on Dominguez.

Recap of Konnan’s interaction with Salina from earlier in the night is played. Flashback to her issues with Mance Warner, who’s attacked every member of her organization, which led to her losing her phone that was retrieved by Konnan. He demanded a street fight between LA Park and Jimmy Havoc. That match is announced for next week, along with Warner battling Ricky Martinez.

Main event time. Alexander Hammerstone is out first along with Richard Holliday and MJF. Savio Vega is out second. Title on the line. Here we go.

Alexander Hammerstone versus Savio Vega for the National Openweight championship

Tie-up. Hammerstone shows off his power by throwing Vega to the mat. Second tie-up…Hammerstone pushes Vega to the corner. Vega tricks Hammerstone on the third tie-up…trapping him in the corner and nailing him with strikes. Big chops from Vega. MJF screams on the outside for Vega to stop chopping. Vega with a hammerlock. Hammerstone breaks the hold with an elbow to Vega’s face. Hard Irish-Whip sends Vega to the corner but Vega rebounds and hits a hip-toss. Vega misses a charge and hits the turnbuckles. Hammerstone stomps Vega down, using the ropes to make each shot have a greater impact. Foot choke. With the referee’s back turned, Richard Holliday pulls Vega’s neck over the rope. Hammerstone in full control.

Vega has his comeback thwarted when Hammerstone catches him with a big powerslam. He wears the Caribbean champ down with a chinlock. Vega escapes but gets decapitated with a pump kick. Hammerstone climbs to the top…Vega evades the missile dropkick. Vega with a second wind…he chops Hammerstone to the mat, rings the arm, and hits a crescent kick. MJF removes a turnbuckle pad while Holliday distracts the referee. Hammerstone whips Vega into the corner….nightmare pendulum. It’s over.

Alexander Hammerstone wins by pinfall and retains the title

Brian Pillman Jr. comes out of nowhere and steals Hammerstone’s jacket. Members of Dynasty are livid. Referee checks on Vega, as his leg buckled in a weird way taking Hammerstone’s finisher. MJF talks trash to Vega.

That’s the show friends.