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For today’s lineup, four big title defenses will take place including the IWGP Tag Team Championships, the NEVER Openweight Championship, the British Heavyweight Championship, and the main event title match for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

In addition to all the title matches, all your other favorite NJPW wrestlers will also be in action including Will Ospreay, Tetsuya Naito, Jay White, Kota Ibushi, Juice Robinson, and so many more.

During the live recap, there were several technical difficulties/glitches. Please be advised that this was what Wrestling Inc. could pick up during the live broadcast. We apologize in advance.

Commentator Kevin Kelly welcomes fans to Royal Quest. The first tag team match is announced.

Rocky Romero, YOH, and SHO vs. Ren Narita, Shota Umino, and Ryusuke Taguchi (With a 20 Minute Time Limit)

Bell rings and Umino and YOH square off. YOH puts Umino in an arm hold, followed by a leg scissors hold. Both men make it back up and YOH pushes Umino into the ropes. Umino counters with a few forearms. SHO comes in to help YOH. Taguchi steps into the ring too. Romero helps even both sides by coming in and taking down the opposing team members. Romero officially gets tagged back in and lands some kicks on Umino.

Taguchi gets tagged in. Taguchi lifts Romero…Romero reverses it…both men are now down on the mat. Taguchi tags in Narita. Umino comes back into the ring and helps Narita put out SHO. Now it’s only SHO and Narita.

After some glitches, YOH comes into the ring and puts out both Narita and Umino. YOH suplexes Narita right onto the mat…goes for the cover and Narita kicks out. YOH goes for another attack, it lands, and then goes for the pin. YOH gets a successful win for his team.

Winners: Rocky Romero, YOH, and SHO

Up next, the second tag team match begins.

Hikuleo and Yujiro Takahashi vs. Juice Robinson and Kota Ibushi (With a 20 Minute Time Limit)

Bell rings and Ibushi and Hikuleo start the match. The crowd roars in unison, chanting “Ibushi.” Hikuleo wastes little time and goes right for a takedown. Ibushi slowly gets up and Hikuleo throws him into the ropes. Ibushi reverses and tags in Robinson. Robinson and Ibushi work together with a tackle and spear on to Hikuleo. Hikuleo comes through with a massive leg drop on Ibushi. Hikuleo chest chops Ibushi then walks away laughing at what he just did.

Takahashi gets tagged in and goes for the leg drop on Ibushi. Ibushi fires back after he gets up, landing a few forearms. Robinson gets tagged in and goes for a clothesline on Takahashi. Robinson on the top rope now goes for the landing, but Takahashi moves out of the way. Robinson lifts Takahashi… he reverses it. Robinson throws in a few chest chops. Takahashi lifts Robinson and slams him down on the mat. Robinson up now goes for the Juicebox. Robinson now tags in Ibushi. Takahashi tags in Hikuleo. Hikuleo crushes Ibushi in the corner, Irish Whips him to the other side, and crushes him again.

Hikuleo powerslams Ibushi down on the mat…goes for the cover…Robinson runs in to break the pin. Ibushi lands a running knee on to Hikuleo. He then follows it up with a Kamigoye. He and Robinson win their respective match.

Winners: Kota Ibushi and Juice Robinson

Post-Match: Ibushi and Robinson goof around getting out of the ring.

Now begins the 30 Minute Limit tag team matches!

Robbie Eagles and Will Ospreay vs. El Phantasmo and Taiji Ishimori (With a 30 Minute Time Limit)

Phantasmo and Ishimori go right in on the attack towards Eagles and Ospreay when they first get into the ring. The bell then rings right after. Eagles takes care of Phantasmo and Ishimori by flying out of the ring. Ospreay and Eagles work together with several bodyslams onto Phantasmo. Now it’s only just Eagles and Phantasmo in the ring.

Phantasmo picks up the pace with a crossbody. He goes for the cover and Eagles kicks out. Phantasmo tags in his partner Ishimori. Ishimori on the top rope lands right on Eagles…he goes for the cover… Eagles kicks out. Phantasmo and Ishimori work together to layout Eagles. Ishimori goes back on to the apron and lets Phantasmo finish what they started. Eagles tags in Ospreay and he springboards off the top rope onto Phantasmo. Ospreay with a thunderous chop tries to plant the Stormbreaker, but it gets reversed. Ospreay tags in Eagles. Ishimori also goes to tag in Phantasmo.

A kick to the head from Ishimori, then a sliding German. Ishimori sends Ospreay to the floor. Phantasmo comes in to help his partner with some tag team symmetry. Ishimori goes for the pin and Eagles kicks out. Eagles follows it up with a backdrop. He tags in Ospreay after. Ospreay goes for a stunner. Both Eagles and Ospreay take Ishimori on to the top rope and pull off a Double Spanish Fly. Ospreay goes for the cover and the crowd favorites take the win!

Winners: Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles

Post-Match: Ospreay grabs a microphone and says that he and Eagles want to challenge Phantasmo and Ishimori for the IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship. Phantasmo and Ishimori do not look pleased.

The fourth tag team match is announced right after Ospreay and Eagles leave the ring.

Jay White and Chase Owens vs. SANADA and Tetsuya Naito (With a 30 Minute Time Limit)

Naito gets the crowd going as he takes off his dress shirt and pants to reveal his wrestling gear that is underneath. Bell rings, Naito is standing in one corner and White on the opposite side. Both men square up and White breaks out of it and tags in Owens. Naito goes over and tags in SANADA. Owens goes for an arm lock. SANADA reverses with a side headlock, then a hammerlock. Owens gets out of the locks and puts his hand out for SANADA to shake. They shake hands and Owens holds on to SANADA’s hand so he can reverse the attempted Paradise Lock. SANADA and Owens make their way out of the ring and continue their fight. White gets off the apron and goes for Naito.

All the men return to their rightful positions. Owens tags in White, who takes the lead over SANADA. While SANADA is down, White makes his way over to Naito and spits on him. SANADA on the top rope lands a dropkick onto Owens. Owens tags White back in. SANADA reverses with a suplex. He tags in Naito. Naito dropkicks White in the back. White rolls out of the ring and Naito takes that moment to do his famous Tranquilo pose.

White comes back into the ring and lands a brainbuster. White goes for the cover and Naito kicks out. After a minute of technical difficulties, the show comes back on with SANADA doing the Paradise Lock on Owens. Owens is hugging his ankle. Owens gets back on his feet and lands a kick straight to SANADA’s face. He goes for the cover and SANADA kicks out. White comes in and takedowns SANADA. Owens follows it with a side knee. Goes for the cover and Naito breaks the count for his partner. Owens attempts the packaged piledriver… it gets reversed. SANADA hooks in a submission. Naito holds White down on the outside. Owens taps out. SANADA and Naito win the match.

Winners: SANADA and Tetsuya Naito

Post-Match: White, who is extremely furious for losing, comes into the ring, takes a chair, and is about to hit Naito with it. SANADA gets up in time before White attempts to do it. Instead, White jams the chair into SANADA’s abdomen area. White then goes on to hit Naito, but he counters it. He takes over the attack and throws White out of the ring. He takes the chair, unfolds it, and sits in the middle of the ring.

Now begins the four championship title events! The first title match is for the IWGP Tag Team Championships!

Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) (c) vs. Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher) With a 60 Minute Limit

The fans are split down the middle. Half are chanting “GoD” and the other half are chanting “Aussie Open.” All four men are staring each other down before the match starts. GoD begins the attacks. Both have the Aussie Open competitors on the opposite corners. Both men of Aussie Open get up and switch sides to beat up the opposing GoD member. Aussie Open work together to take down Loa. They follow it with a belly drop.

Fletcher takes the lead until getting attacked with a baseball bat to the back from Jado on the outside. Tonga gets tagged in and throws around Fletcher. He goes over and dropkicks Davis off the apron. Tonga takes in Loa. Fletcher gets up and fights back with several forearm hits. Loa follows it up with a spear.

Loa lifts Fletcher with a vertical suplex, followed by a jackhammer. Loa goes for the pin, Fletcher kicks out. Loa goes for a leg drop and Fletcher moves out of the way in time. He goes over and tags in Tonga. Fletcher plants a superkick then a suplex on Tonga. He goes over to his corner and tags in Davis. Davis throws back and forth hits on to Tonga and Loa. Davis then puts both men down. Loa rolls out of the ring. Fletcher goes for dive on the outside on GoD. Fletcher rolls in Tonga. Davis goes for the cover, Tonga kicks out.

GoD are now on the opposite sides of the ring. Both men are climbing up the top rope. Loa with the diving headbutt and Tonga follows with a Five Star Frog Splash. They go for the pin and Aussie Open kicks out. Fletcher off the top rope plants Loa on the outside. Now, both men of Aussie Open are in the ring and work together to slam Tonga down on the mat. Loa comes in and spears Fletcher. GoD come together once more with a super powerbomb. They go for the pin and GoD retain their tag team championships.

Winners and still the IWGP Tag Team Champions: Guerrillas of Destiny

Next up is the second title match and it’s for the NEVER Openweight Championship.

Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs. KENTA (With a 60 Minute Time Limit)

Both men begin the match with a lock up. KENTA moves over to the ropes and Ishii breaks the lock. KENTA slaps Ishii right in the face. KENTA steps out of the ring and walks around it, stretching his legs. Ishii is about to get out of the ring and KENTA drags him out, legs first. Now both men are back in the ring exchanging back and forth forearms. Ishii hits a little bit harder and KENTA falls.

Ishii Irish Whips KENTA into the corner. He goes in for an attack and KENTA counters it with a boot to Ishii’s face. KENTA now takes the lead with several chest kicks. Ishii is underneath the bottom rope and KENTA puts his foot right on top of Ishii’s chest and applies pressure. The referee starts the count for KENTA to break the hold. KENTA puts Ishii back down on the mat, goes for the cover, and Ishii kicks out.

KENTA goes for several chest kicks. Ishii starts climbing back up to his feet in between each kick. Ishii gets up and he goes straight for a takedown. In the corner, KENTA is hanging on to the top rope and Ishii lands a few chest chops. KENTA is now back on his feet and both men a trading forearms. The fans chant back and forth between “boo” to “yeah.” Ishii runs over to the ropes and comes back, only to be clotheslined by KENTA. KENTA follows it with a springboard dropkick. The audience boos loudly at KENTA after he does that.

KENTA continues with some vicious kicks on Ishii. KENTA tries to lift Ishii for the GTS…Ishii counters it. KENTA lands a German Suplex on Ishii. Ishii gets right back on his feet and headbutts KENTA. KENTA gets up only to be put back down after a strong clothesline from Ishii.

KENTA climbs up to the top rope and lands a double stomp. He goes for the cover and Ishii kicks out at 2. Both men are on their feet. Ishii vertical suplexes KENTA, slamming him right down on the mat. Ishii starts to slap KENTA while he is down. KENTA gestures to Ishii to come sit down on his level and keep slapping him. Both men are sitting down on the mat and are smacking each other. KENTA goes from behind and puts Ishii into a rear-naked chokehold. Ishii gets himself up and breaks the hold. GoD make their way to the ring and take out the referee to help KENTA in the match.

Ishii lands a brainbuster on KENTA. GoD comes back into the ring and pulls a running powerslam on to Ishii. GoD push the referee back into the ring so KENTA can get the pin. The referee slowly counts 1, 2, and Ishii kicks out of it. Ishii fires back with a forearm to KENTA’s jaw. KENTA returns the favor and it knocks Ishii out cold, but he still doesn’t get the count. KENTA lifts Ishii and pulls off the GTS. He goes for the cover. 1-2-3, KENTA is the new champion.

Winner and New NEVER Openweight Champion: KENTA

Next, is the second to last title match, and it’s for the British Heavyweight Championship!

Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (With a 60 Minute Time Limit)

Both men lock up and Sabre goes for a submission, Tanahashi reverses it, Sabre reverses Tanahashi’s submission, and both men continue to do this for the first few minutes of the match. Both men get back up on their feet and walk around the ring. Tanahashi goes for a lock and Sabre gets out of the way in time. Sabre grabs Tanahashi and puts him in a wrist lock. Tanahashi gets out of it and reverses it into an ankle lock.

Tanahashi comes through with the figure eight lock. Sabre turns it around and climbs out of it. Sabre goes back to locking up Tanahashi’s left arm. Tanahashi gets out of it. Tanahashi dropkicks Sabre. Sabre locks in the cobra twist. Tanahashi climbs out of it and goes for the cover, Sabre kicks out. Tanahashi comes back with a dragon swoop kick.

Sabre with a submission lock turns it into a pin. Tanahashi kicks out. Sabre now with an octopus hold. The crowd starts to clap, which motivates Tanahashi to break out of the hold. After some technical difficulties, Tanahashi gets up and slingblades Sabre. He puts him out and climbs to the top rope. About to land onto Sabre, Sabre counters it, locking up Tanahashi. Sabre goes for the damaged left arm again. Tanahashi is crying out in pain, but is not giving up. Sabre pushes his left arm back further.

As both men get back on their feet, Sabre lands an uppercut forearm. Tanahashi gets up and plants a slingblade. Tanahashi climbs up to the top rope and goes for the High Fly Flow. He goes for the pin and becomes the new British Heavyweight Champion!

Winner and New British Heavyweight Champion: Hiroshi Tanahashi

Post-Match: Tanahashi kneels in the middle of the ring and plays his new championship belt like an electric guitar. The crowd goes wild!

Up next, is the final and main event match!

Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship (With a 60 Minute Time Limit)

Bell rings and Suzuki goes in with a kick. Okada backs into the corner and comes out of it after the kick. Both men lock up. Okada brings up the left arm and locks it, and twists his left arm back. Suzuki reverses it and puts Okada in a hammerlock. The lock is broken and both men make it back up on their feet. Okada goes in for an ankle lock. Suzuki counters by locking up Okada’s right arm. Both men roll out of it.

Suzuki tells Okada to give him his best shot, Okada does just that. Back and forth hits are exchanged after that. Okada breaks it up with a kick. Now on the ropes, Okada throws another hit. On the outside now, Suzuki gets a steel chair. Red Shoes tells him to put it away. Suzuki chases him around with it until Okada goes for the attack. Now both men are on the ramp. Suzuki runs down the ramp and meets Okada at the end of it with a chest kick.

Suzuki takes the steel chair, plants it in the middle of the ring, and sits on it until Okada rolls back into the ring. Okada makes his way back into the ring. Suzuki quiets the crowd and lands a strong forearm on Okada. Suzuki takes advantage of the fallen Okada and puts him in a leg lock. Okada climbs over to the rope and just before he does, Suzuki breaks the hold.

Both men exchange back and forth forearms. Okada with the Irish Whip then a DDT. Suzuki rolls out of the ring. Okada goes for a takedown on the outside. Both men make their way back into the ring. Suzuki with a big boot on Okada, goes for the cover, and Okada kicks out. Suzuki pulls through with a right armlock. Okada gets out of it. Suzuki continues the beatdown with some chest kicks. Suzuki attempts a piledriver. Okada tries to block it, and he does. Okada gets up and lands a dropkick. He lifts up Suzuki and goes for a Death Valley Driver. Suzuki falls hard onto the mat. Another technical difficulty occurs, cutting out about a minute or so of content.

Back from the cut-out, Okada and Suzuki give each other their best shots. Okada receives the hardest hit from Suzuki. On his knees, Okada is trying to get up and Suzuki keeps him down with a kick to the back of his neck. Suzuki goes for a piledriver, Okada reverses it and goes for a neckbreaker. Suzuki is out cold.

As both men are rising to their feet, Okada throws several forearms, then an upper-cut forearm. Suzuki gets up and goes for a reversal, Okada counters it with a dropkick. Okada goes from behind and puts Suzuki in a rear-naked chokehold. Suzuki fights out of it, then puts the same hold on Okada. Suzuki rolls him over and now both men are on the mat with Suzuki maintaining the hold.

Red Shoes checks in on Okada and starts raising his hand up to see if he is fading or not. After raising his hand up for the second time, Okada keeps it up and reverses it. He goes for the Rainmaker. The crowd goes wild! Okada goes for the Spinning Rainmaker and Suzuki counters it with a forearm. Suzuki throws several open-handed slaps. The last one does it for Okada…he is down.

Suzuki with a sleeper chokehold at first turns into the Gotch-Style Piledriver. Okada gets out of it in time. Okada follows with a dropkick. Okada is able to plant one last Rainmaker. This one officially knocks out Suzuki. He goes for the pin and retains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship!

Winner and Still the IWGP Heavyweight Champion: Kazuchika Okada

Post-Match: Red Shoes straps the IWGP Heavyweight Championship around Okada’s waist. He grabs a microphone and the fans in unison chant “Okada.” He takes a moment to listen to the crowd then asks them if they enjoyed the show tonight, especially his match. The crowd applauds and chants “New Japan.”

SANADA makes his way down to the ring to issue a challenge to Okada for a title match in the near future. He takes a moment and looks at the title on Okada’s waist before making his way out of the ring. Okada says he accepts the challenge and says that he’ll retain the title, regardless of what SANADA just said.

That concludes NJPW’s Royal Quest. Thanks for watching!