Paige underwent neck surgery today for a hernia, which is related to an injury that she suffered during a match in December of 2017, which forced her to retire from in-ring competition.

Paige commented on the surgery and praised her doctor, Dr. Juan Uribe, who had previously worked on the neck injuries suffered by Tyson Kidd and Nikki Bella.

“Thank you for everything!! We got treated like royalty!! My fave dr and team ever!” Paige tweeted.

Speaking of Nikki Bella, Paige noted that Brie Bella and mother, Kathy Colace, visited her in the hospital today.

After leaving the hospital, Paige commented on her successful surgery and once again thanked Dr. Uribe as well as her boyfriend, Ronnie Radke.

“Finally touched down home after a successful second surgery,” Paige wrote. “Thanks to @thejuanuribe and his team for always treating me like absolute royalty and keeping my neck healthy! Forever thankful. Big thanks to @cuttercharter for helping us out last minute so I can fly home comfortably! Much love to @thebriebella @kathylaurinaitis @zac_phoenix for coming and hanging with me. You guys made me smile so big. And a HUGE thanks to @ronnieradke for taking care of me non stop. Late flight. Super early morning. Feeding me. Dressing me and loving me. ?? Also I got everyone’s messages. Thank you so much, means the world to me ?? I’ll be getting back to you all shortly!!”

Paige had been managing The Kabuki Warriors lately, who lost a match against WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross on RAW this past week. Paige noted last week that she would be back to managing the team “in no time.”