WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently spoke with The Houston Chronicle and said now is the greatest time to be a pro wrestler in the last 20 years, due to promotions like NWA and AEW coming to TV with WWE, who has dominated pro wrestling on TV for years.

“This is the greatest time in the last 20 years to be a pro wrestler,” Flair said.

The Nature Boy pointed to how the Khan family is backing AEW, and will spend money to get good talents. Flair said WWE does a great job of featuring talents, but a lot of wrestlers don’t get an opportunity.

“Tony and the Khan family have a lot of money, and they’re going to spend the money to get good,” Flair said. “For the young guys coming along, it provides an alternative way. The WWE can pay only so many guys and feature only so many guys. They do a great job of it, but a lot of guys who do have talent never get an opportunity.”

Flair also said younger wrestlers must be prepared physically while also finding that special spark that is needed to catch the eye of the people. He added, “It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s a good time to be a wrestler.”