A video package is shown hyping the main event of The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) against Rush & Dragon Lee.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. Josh Woods and Silas Young make their entrances. 

Josh Woods vs. Silas Young

Young rolls out of the ring and grabs a microphone. Young gets back in the ring and brings up the fact that it's been about two years since Woods started in Ring Of Honor. Young talks about Woods having done nothing in that two years. Young talks about how Woods should be winning titles. Young questions if Woods wants to earn the respect of the fans. Young hands the microphone to the referee. Young kicks Woods below the belt as the referee is handing off the microphone. Young rolls Woods up for the quick win.

Winner: Silas Young

A recap of last week's main event is shown featuring Lifeblood defeating ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions Villain Enterprises in a Philadelphia Street Fight which was a non-title bout.

A video package is shown hyping the recent match between Jay Lethal and Matt Taven.

All six men are already at the ring for the next match.

Shinobi Shadow Squad (Ryan Nova, Cheeseburger & Eli Isom) vs. Joe Keys, Brian Johnson & Dante Caballero

Nova and Keys lock up. Keys elbows Nova in the face. Nova dropkicks Keys. Nova connects with a kick to the side of the head of Keys. Later in the match, Isom hits an Enziguri on Caballero. Keys elbows Isom in the face. Keys goes to the second turnbuckle. Keys attempts to hit a missile dropkick on Isom. Isom moves out of the way, causing Keys to dropkick Caballero. Isom ducks a clothesline attempt by Keys. Isom launches Keys into a kick from Nova. Isom and Nova hold Caballero for Cheeseburger to stomp his back as Nova simultaneously hits a DDT on him. Isom pins Caballero for the win.

Winner: Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger, Ryan Nova & Eli Isom)

Caballero pushes Keys after the match. Security comes out to stop Keys and Caballero from fighting.

Karissa Rivera and Sumie Sakai make their entrances. ROH Women Of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein has joined the commentary team.

Karissa Rivera vs. Sumie Sakai

They lock up. Sakai takes Rivera to the mat with a hip toss. Sakai locks in an arm-lock. Rivera gets to the ropes. Rivera eventually hits a spine-buster on Sakai. Rivera pins Sakai for a two count. Sakai rolls Rivera backward before connecting with a running knee strike. Sakai hits a Back Suplex on Rivera. Sakai pins Rivera for a two count. Sakai goes for her finisher, Rivera gets out of it. Rivera gets Sakai up into a Fireman's Carry position. Sakai fights out of it and attempts to roll Rivera up with a Sunset Flip. Rivera blocks the roll-up attempt with a pin over own which gets the three count over Sakai.

Winner: Karissa Rivera

Quinn McKay gets in the ring after the match. McKay asks what Rivera is feeling after her win over Sakai. Sakai has McKay exit the ring. Sakai shakes Rivera's hand and raises her arm.

Josh Woods is shown backstage being held back by security as Silas Young tells him that he needs him to show him how to be great. Young walks off.

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) make their entrance. Dragon Lee & Rush make their entrances.

Rush & Dragon Lee vs. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay)

Rush strikes Jay. Mark connects with a forearm to Rush. Mark hits a shoulder block on Lee. Lee kips up. Mark kicks and strikes Lee. Mark sends Lee to the ropes. Lee hits a Hurricanrana on Mark. Jay connects with a boot strike to Lee. Rush eventually sends Jay into Mark at ringside. Mark gets busted open. Later in the match, Rush sends Mark into the corner. Mark connects with a boot to Lee to take him off the apron. Mark hits a T-Bone Suplex on Rush. Jay is tagged in.

Rush ducks a clothesline attempt by Jay. Rush hits a superkick on Jay. Rush hits an Overhead Belly-To-Belly Suplex on Jay into the corner. Mark kicks Rush. Mark sends Rush into the corner. Mark runs towards Rush. Rush dumps Mark over the top rope onto the apron. Lee hits a Hurricanrana on Mark to take him off the apron. Rush hits a running dropkick on Jay in the corner. Rush pins Jay for the win.

Winners: Rush & Dragon Lee

They hype next week's show as this one comes to a close.