ROH "Honor For All" Complete Results: New World Title Contender, Rock & Roll Express Vs The Briscoes

Welcome to Wrestling INC's coverage of Ring of Honor's Honor For All event, streaming live via and Honor Club. Tonight's event takes place from the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Feel free to follow along and sound off in the comments. Enjoy the show!


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Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman welcome us to the show. They tell us that PCO has not been cleared to compete for tonight's six-man title match, and instead, Mark Haskins and Bandido will battle Villain Enterprises' Brody King and Marty Scurll. Riccaboni and Coleman then run down the evening's card, including the Briscoe's defending the tag team championship against the Rock N' Roll Express, Shane Taylor defending the television title against Chase Owens, and much more.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser, Brian Milonas) are out for our opening tag contest. They'll be battling Coast 2 Coast (LSG, Shaheem Ali) and the CMLL duo of Okumura and Felino.

The Bouncers versus Coast 2 Coast versus Okumura & Felino


Okumura and LSG begin. Tie-up. Both men trade waistlocks. Okumura grabs a wrist but LSG reverses the pressure and brings Okumura to the mat. LSG shows off his speed...he lands a dropkick. Okumura delivers a thunderous strike. This leads to a back and forth exchange which Okumura wins. He follows up with a cross-rhodes. Beer City Bruiser tags in. Okumura hits Bruiser with a big has little effect. Bruiser with his signature jabs. He bites Okumura. Milonas tags in. The Bouncers connect with a double-shoulder thrust. Felino comes in and tries to run through Milonas. He goes to slam the big luck. Powerslam by Milonas. Ali slaps Milonas on the back, which means he's now legal. Pace picks up between Ali and Felino. Stinger splash misses...they end up on top...Felino with a sunset powerbomb for a nearfall. Bouncers jump back in...Felino dumps them to ringside. He climbs...flying crossbody but the Bouncers catch him...Milonas slams him on the arena floor.

Coast 2 Coast takes control of the match by targeting Felino. LSG in for the first time. Running shoulder thrust. Cover...Felino kicks out. Tandem offense from Ali and LSG. Felino attempts to tag Okumura but he gets knocked off the apron. Felino tags in Milonas and rests on the outside. Milonas runs through Coast 2 Coast. Flying crossbody takes out LSG. Okumura jumps and...lariat to Milonas. Bruiser in...sidewalk slam to Okumura. Felino applies a half-crab onto Bruiser but Coast 2 Coast breaks it up. They bring down Milonas with a flatliner/kick combo. The Bouners isolate Ali away from LSG...backbreaker from Bruiser, followed by a legdrop by Milonas. That'll do it.


The Bouncers win by pinfall

Post match, The Bouncers share a couple of beers with Okumura and Felino. They all pose before exiting the ring.

PCO is here! He's got a huge scar across his eye from the suicide dive spot he did last night. He sets up a table near ringside. Security comes in to try and stop him. PCO takes them all out with lariats and right hands. PCO lays one of the guards onto the table and climbs to the top...swanton through the table! Crowd going wild! He's still attacking security when Flip Gordon comes out to calm him down. PCO pushes him to the ground at first, but then realizes that Gordon is on his side. They both peacefully exit ending the segment.

Eli Isom is out for the second bout of the evening. Cheeseburger accompanies him to the ring. Dalton Castle is out next. Before the match starts...Castle invites Joe Hendry to come out. Hendry obliges, carrying his own microphone. Castle questions why Hendry challenged him to a matchup at last night's event in Atlanta, then tells him to sit ringside so he can witness him beat the hell out of Isom. Hendry is willing to watch, but counters Castle's offer by offering to wrestle Isom instead. They continue to bicker back and forth until Isom pushes Hendry and begs them to stop. Isom has a proposition: A tag bout teaming Hendry and Castle together to face Isom...and Cheeseburger! They accept. Here we go.


Dalton Castle/Joe Hendry versus Eli Isom/Cheeseburger

Castle starts but Hendry immediately tags himself in. Cheeseburger in on the other side. Tie-up. Hendry applies a wristlock. He overpowers Cheeseburger with ease. Cheeseburger responds with a headscissor but Hendry immediately retakes control with a shoulder block and running knee. Hendry picks up Cheeseburger for a powerslam...Castle tags himself in. He shouts at Cheeseburger to get out because he wants to face Isom. Isom in. Castle grounds him with a headlock. Castle shows off his signature ground wrestling flair. Isom answers with an arm-drag and dropkick in succession. Headlock by Isom now. He gets bounced off the rope...Cheeseburger tags back in...double team from Isom and Cheeseburger. Stiff chops from Cheeseburger...Castle creates separation, then hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Hendry brought back in. He picks Cheeseburger up in a delayed vertical suplex. He tags Castle back in by slapping his chest.

Castle attempts a suplex but Cheeseburger cradles him...two count. Castle nails a lariat. He forces Cheeseburger into his team's corner. Quick tags from Castle and Hendry. They're winning the match, but there's clearly tension on the surface. Castle charges...Cheeseburger gets a boot up. Hendry and Castle start arguing in the middle of the ring...Isom gets the tag. He comes in hot, taking out Hendry and Castle with a flying crossbody. Northern lights suplex to Hendry...he dumps Castle to the outside. Hendry slows Isom down with an uppercut but more arguing with Castle leads to Isom taking them both out with an asai moonsault. Back in the ring...Castle goes for the Bangarang but Hendry stops the move from happening...he hits Isom with a codebreaker. That'll do it.


Dalton Castle/Joe Hendry win by pinfall

ROH World champion Matt Taven advertises his new DVD compilation, featuring his greatest matches. An advertisement for ROH's touring schedule is then played.

WOH champion Kelly Klein joins Riccaboni and Coleman at the commentary table for this next matchup. It's a Four-Corner Survival match between The Allure's Angelina Love, Jenny Rose, Damaris Dawkins, and Sumie Sakai. Love is out first, followed by Dawkins. Rose and Sakai are next. Before the bout begins...Love jumps on the microphone and says that she's already the number one contender for the WOH title since she defeated Kelly Klein at the Best in the World. She refuses to wrestle in the match and starts to leave. Dawkins runs her down and tosses her in the ring. Here we go.

Jenny Rose versus Angelina Love versus Damaris Dawkins versus Sumie Sakai

Rose and Dawkins double team Sakai. Splash and suplex combo. Love sneaks in for a pin attempt but they chase her out of the ring. Dawkins and Rose square off...back and forth striking...Rose wins the exchange. Irish whip and stinger splash. Dawkins comes right back with a corner lariat. Snap DDT with pin...Sakai breaks it up. Sakai traps Dawkins in the corner and stomps her down. Pace picks up...Dawkins catches Sakai with a swinging neckbreaker but Sakai doesn't stay down long...running elbow. Sakai climbs...missile dropkick connects. Rose goes after Sakai...fisherman suplex. Love has been on the outside this entire spot where all four women (minus Love) get trapped in a headscissor rest spot. Crowd is fairly non-responsive so far.


Dawkins almost wins with a northern-lights suplex. Sakai drops Rose with the Smashmouth. She goes for one on Dawkins...she gets sprayed in the eyes by Mandy Leon on the outside. Love takes advantage and connects with a thrust kick onto Dawkins. That'll do it.

Angelina Love wins by pinfall

As soon as the match ends the lights go out. Maria Manic is here. She appears behind Love, who throws Dawkins in her path. Big spinebuster. Rose tries to attack Manic...she gets destroyed. Kelly Klein jumps off commentary and faces Manic in the ring. They're about to collide when Love nails Klein in the back of the head with the WOH title. Manic stands by and watches, then chases the Allure out. Klein slowly recovers in the ring. Segment ends.

Silas Young is out accompanied by Josh Woods. He'll be battling PJ Black, who is out second. They shake hands, as apart of the Code of Honor.

Silas Young versus PJ Black

Tie-up. Black takes control with a wristlock. Young lands a right hand. Nice sequence of chain wrestling. STO takedown from Black. Young rolls to ringside to regroup. Back in the ring...pace picks up. Crucifix pin from Young...Black with a backslide pin...both men with exchanging pin attempts. Black with a flurry of strikes...leg sweet drops Young to the mat. Young takes Black down with an attack, then smashes his face off the top turnbuckle. Black pops out of an Irish whip and headscissors Young to ringside. Young catches Black coming into the ring. He shouts at Josh Woods for not attacking Black when he had the chance. Woods hesitates an attack again. Hard Irish whip and Black collides hard into the turnbuckles. Headlock by Young, as he attempts to wear Black down.


Black hits a roundhouse kick to begin his comeback. Running crossbody and top rope fist drop in succession. Black to the apron...springboard lariat for a nearfall. Black misses a splash and collides with the ringpost. Young tosses Black to the outside, giving Josh Woods plenty of time to attack him. Woods can't do it, so Young connects with a double-axe handle. He calls Woods an idiot for not following the gameplan. Black with a sunset em! Best match of the night so far.

PJ Black wins by pinfall

Black shakes Josh Woods's hand after the match. Young continues to berate Woods as they exit.

The Bouncers join the commentary table. They bring Riccaboni and Coleman beers. Coleman says he doesn't drink, and gives it back to the Beer City Bruiser.

We go right into our next bout. The Kingdom's Vinny Marseglia is out first. He'll be going one-on-one with RUSH, who has yet to be pinned or submitted since joining Ring of Honor.

Vinny Marseglia versus RUSH

Crowd heavily into RUSH. Waistlock exchange. Both men show off their ground wrestling skills. Sweep and early pin by Rush but Marseglia escapes with ease. Pace picks up...rebound German suplex from Rush. Marseglia hits one of his own. They both go for a dropkick, then stare at each other in this early stalemate. Cheers from the crowd following the exchange. Rush curses at Marseglia in Spanish. He bounces off the ropes...flying elbow sends Marseglia to the outside. Rush teases a suicide dive...Marseglia grabs his leg and pulls him out. Cutter. He smashes Rush's head off the ringpost. Marseglia mounts Rush on a nearby table and unloads punches. Rush fires off a chop but Marseglia drops him with a pump kick. Marseglia takes a page out of Rush's book and tosses him into the barricade.


Back in the ring...Rush and Marseglia light up each other's chests with chops. Marseglia slows Rush down with a series of running forearms. Sidewalk slam with pin...Rush kicks out. Superkick by Rush but Marseglia shakes it off and hits another pump kick. Rush responds with an overhead belly to belly into the turnbuckles. Marseglia rolls to the outside. Rush whips him into three barricades. He powerbombs him through a nearby table! Crowd is pumped. Rush rolls Marseglia back in while shouting "Tranquillo." He goes for the Bulls Horns dropkick...instead he stops in his tracks and taunts Marseglia. This gives Marseglia an opportunity to get back into the matchup with a Russian leg-sweep. Cover...close two. Rush traps Marseglia on the top ropes...he goes for a superplex...he gets it. Rush climbs...senton misses. Now Marseglia climbs...Red Rum connects! Cover...Rush kicks out! He eventually is able to trap Marseglia in the corner again...Bulls Horns. It's over.

RUSH wins by pinfall

Commentary puts over Marseglia for coming close to giving RUSH his first loss. RUSH steps on Marseglia's face and shouts Spanish obscenities at him.

Our first title matchup is next. Bullet Club's Chase Owens makes his way to the ring. He earned this opportunity after winning a qualifiers matchup at last night's event in Atlanta. The television champ, Shane Taylor is out next.


Shane Taylor versus Chase Owens for the ROH Television championship

Taylor talks a little trash before they grapple. When they do, Taylor rag-dolls Owens across the ring. Owens manages to force Taylor into a corner and lands a few strikes. He taunts Taylor with a "suck it." Taylor blindly throwing strikes that Owens dodges. Taylor charges but ends up on the outside. Catapult dropkick by Owens. He batters Taylor on the outside, then tosses him back in. Owens bounces off the ropes...he runs into Taylor who shoulder blocks him down. Thunderous chop to Owens' chest echoes through the arena. Crowd asks for another one...he thumbs Owens in the eye instead. Owens tries to string together some offense...lariat by Taylor.

Owens to the apron. He goes for a springboard attack but Taylor surprises him with a haymaker. Draping cutter for a nearfall by Taylor. He misses a leg drop. Owens quickly capitalizes with a basement dropkick. He rocks Taylor with a running forearm. Another. Owens hits an enziguri, followed by a huge lariat that finally drops the champ. He picks Taylor up...basement flatliner. He has the momentum but Taylor fires back with a spinebuster. He goes for the Rikishi driver...Owens has it scouted...thrust knee. Package piledriver attempt...he can't get Taylor up. He instead goes for the Jewel lands. Package piledriver dice. Three kick combo from Owens. He climbs...Taylor bounces off the ropes which crotch drops Owens. Running knee drop by Taylor. Cover...Owens JUST kicks out. More chops by Taylor...Owens asks to hit him harder! Taylor decapitates him with a right hand. Another back and forth striking exchange...Owens with a quick combination...rebound lariat! Taylor answers with a headbutt....Michinoku Driver. Taylor retains.


Shane Taylor wins by pinfall and retains the ROH Television championship

Tag title match is next. The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) are out first. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) are second. Dem Boys look focused. Introductions are done. Here we go.

The Briscoes versus Rock & Roll Express for the ROH Tag Team championship

Jay and Morton begin. Jay traps him in the corner. Morton comes out with right hands. He goes for a hip-toss but Jay blocks it. Arm-drag by Morton...he slows Jay down with a waistlock. Jay charges at Morton but gets dumped to the outside. The Briscoes regroup on the outside. Loud "Rock & Roll" chants. Gibson holds down the ropes and Morton takes out the Briscoes with a suicide dive! Huge pop! Coleman and Riccaboni can't believe it. Back in the ring...Gibson tags in. Double team by the Express. Back elbow from Gibson, who then knocks Mark off the apron to keep the attack on Jay. Morton tags back in. He goes for a maneuver off the ropes but Mark knees him in the back. Jay takes advantage with a running boot. Briscoes are now in control.

On the outside, the Briscoes beat Morton down. Mark with multiple punches to the head. Jay back in. He stomps Morton down in his team's corner. Morton evades a diving attack and makes the tag to Gibson. Gibson comes in hot, he hits a 10 punch in the corner on Mark. Jay smashes him in the back and the Briscoes retake momentum. All four men going at it. Jay rocks Morton with a headbutt. They set up a table at ringside and place Morton on top of it. Mark climbs...Morton moves and Gibson pushes Mark through the table! Rock & Roll Express isolate Jay...DOUBLE DROPKICK HITS. Cover...Jay kicks out! Gibson charges Jay but he moves and he collides with the ringpost. Rude awakening from Jay onto Morton. Mark out of nowhere with a froggie bow. It's over.


The Briscoes win by pinfall and retain the ROH Tag Team championship

Post match, The Briscoes and the Rock & Roll Express shake hands in a great sign of respect. Morton and Gibson hold up Mark and Jay's hands. Crowd gives both teams a nice ovation.

The Matt Taven DVD commercial is played again.

The next matchup will determine the number one contenders for the tag titles. Lifeblood's Bandido and Mark Haskins are out first. They'll be battling Villain Enterprisies (Marty Scurll and Brody King).

Lifeblood versus Villain Enterprises

Bandido and Scurll begin. Bandido offers a handshake...Scurll tags in King as a response. Tie-up. King choke-lifts Bandido and throws him to the mat. Bandido stomps on King's foot...pace picks up as both men run the ropes...frankensteiner from Bandido but King cartwheels out. King with a frankensteiner. Double-dropkick and kip-up to the delight of the crowd. Scurll attacks Bandido from behind. This brings in Haskins who chops away at Villain Enterprises. Miscommunication leads to King accidentally clotheslining Scurll. Haskins traps both men in a submission...Bandido superkicks them both in the face. King retakes advantage for a moment but Lifeblood with a double-team. Haskins gets sent to the outside. Scurll to the apron...superkick. He throws Haskins back to King, who knees Haskins in the face. Scurll tagged back in...huge chops to Haskins' chest. Quick tags by Villain Enterprises. Powerslam and splash combo with pin...Haskins kicks out.


Scurll snaps Haskins fingers. He calls for the Chicken-Wing, which brings the crowd to their feet. Haskins with a spinning-heel kick out of nowhere. Both men down. Bandido gets the tag. Flying corkscrew crossbody. He tries to slam King but the spot gets botched. Dropkick sends King to the outside. Haskins and Bandido with stereo suicide dives. Falcon's Arrow/Frog Splash combo by Lifeblood. 52 fakeout from Scurll slows Bandido down. He knocks Haskins off the apron. Slingshot German by Villain Enterprises nearly wins the match. Catapult haymaker, followed by a jumping senton from King. Haskins breaks up the pin attempt. King nails Haskins, but then gets hit with a crucifix bomb by Bandido. Haskins and Scurll take each other out. All four men are down. Crowd is hot.

Bandido catches Scurll with a huge knee to the face. He ties Scurll up while Haskins climbs for a double-stomp. Somehow Scurll kicks out. Now Hakins snaps Scurll's fingers! He goes for the sharpshooter...Scurll pushes him into Bandido...Chicken-Wing attempted...Haskins rolls through and almost pins Scurll. Soldier Roll from Haskins but King breaks up the pin. Gonzo Bomb blocked...another miscommunication from Villain Enterprises. Bandido sends King to the outside. German to Scurll and Haskins immediately locks in the Sharpshooter. Bandido with a tope con hilo to King. Scurll taps! It's over!


Lifeblood wins by submission and are the new #1 contenders for the ROH tag team championship

Rhett Titus is the next man to join Riccaboni and Coleman at the commentary table.

Main event is next. Commentary explains that if Matt Taven wins the matchup, whoever he pins last can never receive a title shot as long as he is champion. However, if one of the other three men win, they will earn a future ROH World title shot. Kenny King is out first, followed by Jay Lethal and Jeff Cobb. The champ, Matt Taven is last. Here we go.

Kenny King versus Jeff Cobb versus Jay Lethal versus Matt Taven Defy or Deny Elimination

Taven taunts all three men, stating that he's beaten them all before and that he doesn't need to be in the match. Cobb, King, and Lethal all team up on him as a result. King and Lethal start trading shots, while Cobb lays into Taven with big chops. King sends Lethal to the outside. Taven with a headlock takeover onto King. He gets bounced off the rope and runs right through King with a shoulder block. King nails Taven on the apron with a Tekken kick. Lethal hits a springboard dropkick sending King to the outside. Cobb and Lethal are alone in the ring. This leads to dueling chants. Running shoulder tackle by Lethal but Cobb barely moves. Lethal connects with a dropkick...Cobb responds with a huge shoulder tackle. Arm-drag and suplex from Lethal...Cobb jumps right up. Hip-toss lands but Cobb misses on the standing moonsault. Lethal takes advantage...signature cartwheel and dropkick. King and Taven get back into it. Cobb with a very long delayed suplex to the champ. Lethal batters King with right hands at ringside. Action all over the place.


King charges Lethal into the barricade. In the ring...Cobb hip-tosses Taven from one side of the ring to the other. Taven evades a corner attack. He can't capitalize, as Cobb lays into him with more chops. Another hip-toss. King and Taven form a temporary alliance. Double-suplex to Cobb. They go after Lethal...suplex by Taven for a nearfall. Cobb tries to get involved but King sends him back to the outside. Hard Irish Whip from Taven and Lethal collides with the turnbuckles hard. King picks up the pieces...backbreaker. Taven jaw-jacks at Lethal. He holds him up so King can chop him down. King betrays Taven and rolls him up! Two count! They begin to argue. Lethal fires off a few shots but Taven stops him with a figure-four. King climbs...Cobb picks up King and drops him right onto Taven.

Cobb begins shining. He slams Lethal...standing moonsault connects this time. Helicopter F-5 to Taven. Lariat knocks the champ to the outside. King to the middle-rope...he goes for a blockbuster...Cobb catches him in a suplex...cradle by King! Two count. Dropkick by Cobb. He has King on the top for a superplex attempt...King hits this time. Two count on the pin. King goes for the Royal Flush...Taven stops it...running knee. He goes for Climax...Lethal out of nowhere with a Lethal Injection attempt...blocked...Climax attempt...blocked...cutter. Everyone gets dropped with a superkick. All four men down. Crowd on their feet.


Taven and King go back and forth...big kick from King. Lethal is the only man up. He climbs to the top but Amy Rose distracts him. Taven nails Cobb with the world title but the referee sees it. He gets disqualified.

Matt Taven has been eliminated

During the controversy...King nails Lethal with the world title behind the ref's back. Royal Flush. Lethal is gone.

Jay Lethal has been eliminated.

Fans are soley behind Cobb. King almost steals it with his feet up on the ropes. Leg sweep from King, followed by a decapitating head kick. Cobb responds with a snap German. Tour of the Islands...Jeff Cobb is your winner.

Jeff Cobb wins by pinfall and earns a future ROH World title shot

Cobb celebrates in the ring. Commentary reminds us that RUSH has also thrown his hat in as a future challenger.

That's the show friends.