Buddy Murphy vs. Roman Reigns is now official for Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown episode from Toronto.

Reigns took to Twitter this afternoon and accepted the earlier challenge from Murphy, which was also issued via the social network.

Reigns wrote, “Not about holding anyone down, I’m all about seeing if people want to step up. Consider this me accepting your challenge. See you tomorrow night on #SDLive, Buddy. @WWE

For those who missed it, Murphy called out Reigns earlier today and vented about how Rowan interrutped his WWE SummerSlam Kickoff pre-show match against Apollo Crews. He wrote, “Been saying for months I want an opportunity to show what I can do. What do I get? A cheap shot and an attack during what could’ve been a GREAT #SummerSlam match. I’m not waiting… I’m challenging @WWERomanReigns to a match tomorrow on #SDLive. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!”

Below is Reigns’ tweet response along with WWE’s announcement on the match:

Roman Reigns to clash with Buddy Murphy tomorrow on SmackDown LIVE

Roman Reigns has accepted the challenge of the man he interrogated last Tuesday, and will go one-on-one with Buddy Murphy tomorrow night on SmackDown LIVE.

The Big Dog first confronted Murphy at the conclusion of last week’s show, demanding that Murphy give answers on what happened to him the previous week in what was assumed to be a forklift accident. When Murphy refused, Reigns pummeled him until he gave up a name: Rowan.

Daniel Bryan’s massive peer attacked Murphy during the SummerSlam Kickoff, telling Murphy to keep his name out of his mouth. After a rough week, The Best Kept Secret did not lay low, instead taking to Twitter to issue a challenge to Roman Reigns.

The Big Dog was happy to accept.

What will happen when Buddy Murphy makes his SmackDown LIVE in-ring debut against The Big Dog? Find out tomorrow night at 8/7 C on USA Network!