There are conflicting reports on the status of the working relationship between WWE and music producers CFO$.

It was reported today by @Wrestlevotes that the relationship ended a few months ago, and that CFO$ is no longer working with WWE or WWE Music in any way. This report came after lots of recent rumors on the two sides.

However, a new tweet from Arcade Songs, the publishing and production company led by Grammy-nominated songwriter & producer Greg Wattenberg that CFO$ works for, indicated that the working relationship is still going.

Responding to a tweet on WWE NXT moving to the USA Network, Arcade Songs wrote, “Something tells me we’re going to be hearing a lot more @CFOSofficial

The songwriting and production duo, made up of Michael Conrad Lauri and John Paul Alicastro from Long Island, first started working with WWE for the RAW 1000 special in July 2012 as their song “The Night” was chosen as the theme song. They were known as Kromestatik then. They have since done theme songs for Camp WWE, The Edge and Christian Show, Legends House, Swerved, Total Divas, Ride Along, and other WWE shows & events, plus Superstars like WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Sheamus, WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, and others. Their “Glorious Domination” theme for Bobby Roode and “Rising Sun” theme for WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura spent time at #1 on the iTunes Soundtracks chart. They also have worked with mainstream music artists, including the Goo Goo Dolls, Phillip Phillips, Filter, Train, Will Roush, and others.

Stay tuned for updates on WWE and CFO$.