Samoa Joe took time out of his busy schedule recently to speak with the Gorilla Position podcast. During the interview, Joe was asked his thoughts on whether he will be WWE Champion to which he responded “absolutely”. Joe was then asked why he thought it hasn’t happened yet and the 40-year-old gave a candid response.

“Racism,” Joe said before entering into a huge laugh. “I had to say that because I know some fans will say ‘we knew it, we knew it.’

“You know what, honestly, time and where we’re at in the story. In terms of what the future holds I’m pretty confident about it. Let me put it this way, I’ve faced a lot worse odds in overcoming things and I’m pretty confident of overcoming this one.”

Joe, who has held the WWE United States Championship and is one of the 16 entrants into the 2019 WWE King of The Ring tournament, was then asked whether being WWE Champion was important to him.

“I look at it like this as in terms of importance there are two varieties of it, Joe explains. “There’s what’s important to me and there’s what’s important to my legacy, which includes what the fans think.

“For my legacy and for what the fans who have followed me throughout my career, it’s very important. For me personally, I find a great amount of enjoyment in what I do. I’m able to do what I do around the world, this is my dream job and I love it.

“That being said, it’s also very important to me, damn it. Are you crazy? Of course, it’s important to me and my legacy. It’s important to both.”

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